The driver set up MYTH costing you shots (golf swing basics)

Many golfers are being taught to start their golf swings from a bad set up. The golf set up myth we have wrong, lets fix it.

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29 thoughts on “The driver set up MYTH costing you shots (golf swing basics)

  1. I had a eureka moment on the range. Loading the train leg on the back swing more. In my mind I think load then explode. That feeling is helping gain yards off the tee for me

  2. Mark – I recall seeing folks talk about Kyle Berkshire's pre-swing and the rocking he does. That is very much what you are talking here. Likewise learning to remain fluid and not full of static cling is key. The best hitters in baseball are fluid, likewise in tennis. Great lesson.

  3. A loose and almost nonchalant backswing and downswing is the best swing thought for me, I think Rory once said, “it feels like I’m not hitting until I hit it”

  4. Mark, I've been working on shifting my low point forward at impact which has really improved my irons. I'm struggling to figure out my driver and where my weight should be? I know I should hit up on the ball but I find myself hanging back and losing power. Any advice?

  5. Been listening to Rick Shiel's podcast, so excited for the YouTube masters! You & Coach have gotta be there! ? ⛳ Make it happen! I'm sure it will.

  6. This rocking n your feet has really helped. I see so many folks on the range stand so still over the ball for what seems like forever, and I think to myself, why on earth are just standing there ? Good stuff Mark, thanks.

  7. How about a brief (very brief) pause at the top? I have read/seen differing opinions on this. I find it helps me…not only with speed, but also quality of strike and face control.

    Your thoughts?

  8. Defo going to try this the static body lock is so true you get inside your own head where if you focus the movement process Is a good way to free the mind

  9. I agree completely. Only worry is too much sway. Haven't seen your daughter for awhile – I used to marvel at how lithe younger people are with their 720°+ swings …

  10. Mark I have been trying to do just this to get more weight transfer going into my irons. I don't own a driver yet and my irons distance and speed is lackadaisical for someone of my fitness and age. Would you recommend the same pre-shot routine for irons/woods as well? Hitting up on a driver in my mind is more about hitting after low point whilst transferring weight to the lead foot so the mechanics of the swing would be same for the irons/woods with the only difference being the point of impact. Is my thought process correct? Thanks very much!

  11. Great tip Mark I tried it at the range today and it really seemed to improve my ball flight, direction and dispersion, much more consistent.
    I will be interested to see if there is any improvement in club speed at my next lesson. I’ve just got to transfer it to the course then!
    Thanks ? ?

  12. Thank you Mark. What a great tip and something I’ve never heard anywhere else. I’m prone to getting stuck, especially on pressured shots or at the start of the round before you’ve had a chance to get into a rhythm.

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