Simple Golf Drill to Get More Club Head Speed with Driver!

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Looking for a simple drill with your driver to get more club head speed and hit it farther? This video I talk about one golf drill that will help you get the club in a better position so that you can get more speed.

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Nelson Tavares says:

Love the chickens in the background.

Tom Blue Raven says:

Will give this a try. Beginning of season for me yesterday. Only swinging 85 tops. Then ran across a tip for keeping front elbow straight. Obviously to get more consistent ball striking. Low and behold, it also increased club head speed by 10mph. Key was the trail arm hand keeping pressure so as to push away on the lead arm at top of back swing. Thanks for all the good videos.

Viveka Austin says:

It really works. Great tip! Many thanks.

David Bozic says:

Moe Norman did the same thing but called it something else..🐈

george gonczarek says:

the feeling is that but in slow mo that's not what is happening. Your club shaft shallows slightly, I tried that idea good but action different

george gonczarek says:

don't know which part of US u live in but 2 me it seems like perrrfect cold. Don t believe u.

Sean L says:

Great tips! got my speed around 118!

Dave says:

Is the idea to just let your right elbow tuck in? That seems to be what I see happening.

FreeWoo92 says:

What mat is that your using to hit off of?

Emilio Almodovar says:

I was at range yesterday working on my driver and one of my range buddies instructed me about keeping my weight back and shifting my weight at the right time. I realize that I needed to use more of a baseball swing to generate more power, getting my hands lower, my right elbow tucked and my following thru more like a baseball swing. It produced longer and straighter drives. I hooked almost every driver before that. It was great seeing you teach this. Thank you so much for your help and keep helping us get better.

Aliza says:

never heard of this type of drill. will give it a try and see….

Khaizal Ozlen says:

Hey Matt, it's left shoulder open at impact, right, not square?

Rod Daniels says:

Wow, first time I've seen anything like this to create more lag…..bloody great stuff mate!!

SheilsAddy16 says:

You can’t drop it that much and not get stuck?? Gotta be more more vertical on your “drop”/ lag, no??
Believe me, I love your vids and usually agree and or learn something. But that horizontal drop from the top is death

george gonczarek says:

I like your jumping jack style. min is like a snail.

george gonczarek says:

My body is equivalent to a 1946 chev. give me an idea as 2 how fast my motor should rotate rpm = mph

Cwrenchin 79 says:

I can't remember if it was this specific video but you talked about narrowing your stance to stay out of swing trouble. I implemented that this morning and had a much more consistent round. Awesome advice, thank you!

Dixon B. Tweenerlegs says:

I’m 19, weigh 152 lbs, drive 300 yards, 115mph club head speed, x- stiff shaft

Ray M says:

I tired this drill last night and it works! I have a Skytrak at home and went from a club head speed of 89 avg to 93 avg. My carry went up over 15 yards. My strikes were much better too. I’m going to keep using this drill. You the man.

Russell Henthorn says:

Hi mr joke.2 men on a golf course one man says to the other man i can hit the ball 300 yards but i can't see were goes.the other man says i know a man who can help. He's 80 years old and he's got 20 20 vision. Other man bring him.80 year old man gets there and tells the man to hit his ball so he hits it 300 yards like he said and turns to the old man and said did you see it.old man said yes other man said well were is it old man said i can't remember.

1 Hole Wonder says:

Thanks Matt! Keep them coming homie

Chris Mobbs says:

puzzle out you intend in the direction of drama change for the better golf? be trained the acme secrets now

Kevin Choi says:

That swing will produce snap hooks all day long.

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