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How to increase your club head speed in golf and gain 10 mph with simple swing speed drills and get you swing speed training in the correct way. These easy club head speed tips will increase club head speed with driver and all clubs in your golf bags. Lucas Bjerregaard swing shows exactly what all golfers need in their golf swing to create more club head speed and power. Try these easy club head speed drills yourself and let us know your results in the comment section below. Did you increase your club head speed? Did this increase club head drill work for you or not?

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Alex Samways says:

My 13 year old son tried this out at the club yesterday and it's made an amazing difference to his strike and distance… He was so happy with a 272 yard drive on the 1st hole (407yrds) that he text his dad to tell him 😂 Thank you 👍

Lee Daykin says:

Just funny.. 🤣

JB Golf says:

The entire beach scene is pure gold 😂😂😂😂

Pat Monahan & Arizona_Living says:

I wonder if doing jump rope work will help you strengthen you feet and allow you to improve the jump?

David Terrie says:

Your banter kills me. I've also seen videos showing how a faster backswing creates more hand force earlier in the downswing because you're having to pull harder to change direction. I used to do this when I was younger, combined with a bit more flex in the knees. A few long deep breaths, some small weight shift waggles, and go. But at 68, I've only got so many full out swings a round in me. 😉

spanishfly026 says:

dude….i got stung by a sting ray too but that was super painful. i looked like i got stabbed by a big knife. hahaha

Matthew says:

are there any speed trainers you recommend?

Chad Gregory says:

did he literally just call a 6 iron a 5 iron…. or are the lofts adjusted

Eggs Mann says:

The best way to increase your driving distance is to move back (forward) to the white tees instead of the tips.
Trust me, come back here to comment in 10 years to see what I mean.

Raymond Gao says:

Hi Mark, thanks for your video. I'm struggling with my slow club head speed for years (just around 70 mph) and hopefully could be improved very soon.

Bruce W says:

Thanks for the video! Can you let me know where I can buy the machine that gives you all data?

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