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This left arm action drill will give you incredible distance! It has worked with so many of my clients and I have used this myself. I stand by this left arm drill because i know how easy and simple it is to do and I know the left arm drill has incredible results for your backswing and downswing.

This is a simple drill that uses the left arm to gain power and generate incredible distance in the golf swing. The left arm in the backswing and downswing is so important. I see so many chicken wings in the golf swing but golfers struggle to get rid of the chicken wing. This left arm drill and left arm in the golf swing will help you hit the golf ball longer, with driver or irons. Get the drivers basics right with the golf left arm, increase club head speed.

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AlexElliottGolf says:

Happy Friday!! Who’s out on the golf course this weekend?

Robert Bain says:

Love the towel drill! I have tried at at home in the back yard with restricted flight balls. Excellent drill to get the feeling of just letting the club go instead of steering or trying to guide it!

Allah Ali Baba says:

Great way to warm up and loosen up before a game…Thanks….

Tim Lagios says:

What exactly are our arms supposed to be doing? Is our torso supposed to do all the swinging, or are we supposed to be using arm muscles to swing the club? So for instance, fire hips then torso goes and arms follow, when arms follow, are they to whip, so to speak.

Toby Evers says:

Any advice for how to build confidence chipping? I can hit the ball a country mile, my putting is solid, but I'd rather be 150m out than 15m out at the moment. I either thin it, or choke and scoop it up and don't make half the distance I need to

Ahmad Ghanem says:

Excellent tip . Thanks

andrew thompson says:

Take a day off

Marcus George says:

Hi Alex, a great tip. Thank you. 👍😎🇦🇺

georgia may says:

thanks AE … course this week was 6300 yards .. 129/72 .. 79 1 birdie .. last week .. different course .. 6300 yards 125/72 75 with 4 birdies .. getting into summer shape ..

Pavel Cherov says:

A legenda di Kimmy-jka.Monster snowquen hè u mo idolu. Hè a persona chì aspiru à essel, hè a mo luce di ghjornu

Blaze Can says:

This is very helpful 🙂

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