Skins Match at Flixton Golf Club Final Part

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Skins Match at Flixton Golf Club Part 3/3
Peter Finch Golf:
Mobile: 07952514656

Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre challenges Peter Finch to a big money skins match around Flixton Golf Club in Manchester. Flixton Golf Club started its career in 1893. The first ten years were spent elsewhere but in 1903 the club moved to the land on which the course is now played. Over the years extra land has been purchased, the holes changed and improved until you come to the course as it is today.


Daniel Bergeron says:

Great matches, I enjoy watching them along with yours and Peter’s video
golf tips.
I’m envious since I’m from Canada eh, where the courses are still buried in

daveyhitch says:

Sky Sports have dropped a bollock in not having Finchy commentating…

Draw… No stay… Oohhhh Pigeon

Google-is-a-pain says:

Great vlog – excellent playing – nice course and….. is that England with
the sunny skies? As a side note – I do envy Finch’s ‘Ernie Els like’
smooth swing. Would be nice to see you guys play another match with
Meandmygolf or against the manic Mark Crossfield and ???……well, anyone
else that has the patience to play with him (ha-ha).

Johan Klarin says:

Great camaraderie. I’m dying for a Crossfield/Lockey match with you two.
North vs South? 

Ben Anderson says:

You and Peter are great to watch

Welsh TourDrivenGolfer says:


redlinejcw says:

Best VLOG yet. Where was the sudden death hole?!?! The fans demand it!

don blem says:

Great Vlog, keep them coming.
You apologised for the wind noises, but I couldn’t hear any at all so the
new sock must be working :-).

Tyler Orr says:

haha stay no wait dont stay ohh pigeon dont stay

scott crockett says:

Great vid guys!

Ian Hackett says:

Great game guys, it is always good watching both of you play.

Rick Shiels PGA says:

“Big Money” Skins Match at Flixton Golf Club Final Part with @PFGolfPro
If enjoyed please RT

alakabaz3 says:

Anyone else chuckle when Rick said, ‘We’ve got four skins on this,’ ?


The “windy thing” worked great! Thanks for that, wind noise ruins videos.

KHLthe2nd says:

Watching part 3 on the YouTube streaming channel and through my Roku device
and it looks great. The new camera really helps! 

John White says:

Some really great shots! I enjoyed this more than any video you two have

George L says:

Great vlog
Please keep it coming
I always enjoy your golf game

Simon Johannesen says:

Love this!!

Keith Hamman says:

Good Vblog Rick but you by Finch a ball marker pls! 

tuomas seppälä says:

That last hole 🙂 good stf

BigDonkaT says:

23:57….we have 4skins riding on this??? interesting..circumcision for

konartis8108 says:

We played a 4 way skins match the other day and on 18th there were 11 skins
left in! People had birdie chances but none taken. Good fun though

Mike Johnson says:

Hey, it’s summer in Manchester this week. No jackets? No jumpers? Enjoy
as it’s too hot here in FL to go out without an attending physician. By
the way, we do understand “quid” in the states. Benny Hill was my

Not my name on youtube says:

Foreskins ehehehhe

الهادى المهدى says:


gbvoul says:

These vids were spread out too far apart. I don’t even remember much of the
other, not worth it to go back and re-watch nearly an hours worth all over

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