SMASH Longer Drives with the "E" Factor!

In this video, Steve shows how the average golfer can pick up over 35 yards per drive by becoming more EFFICIENT, with contact, angle of attack, smash factor, launch angles, and spin rates.

Follow these tips and drills to increase clubhead speed, driver distance, and have more FUN!

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9 thoughts on “SMASH Longer Drives with the "E" Factor!

  1. I saw more than hundred of golf teaching video,you are the best teacher for me.I can easily improve longer like 7 iron from 150 to 170-180 carry.I have one question about the driver weight transfer cause of normally I use a lot of weight transfer in the left foot and hit down on the ball. When I hit the driver It has a lot of spin.can you explain weight transfer for the driver.thanks

  2. I really appreciate all your videos and thank you so much for sharing. I’m taking pieces of information and slowly and incorporating into my practice. I have seen improvements and starting to get better. I’m looking forward to taking advice from today to the range on Tuesday and Thursday morning. Question or though for another video, so you say shoe powder spray on club face to see impact zone…. 1) does the powder or spray ruin the club in any way? 2) So what if I see a bunch of hits at toe or heal, should I just move a centimetre closer or father from the ball? thank you again. When Canadians are allowed to travel and cross border, I hope to one day visit and get lessons in person.

  3. I know I have asked this before, but after some experimentation, I have some results to share regarding taking the club back using the Austin method and the Sauger method. You mentioned to me that it doesn't really matter if you take it back like Austin proposed or like Sauger mentions with the cocking of the wrist, etc.. I found that on my longer clubs, I am okay (and better) taking it back like Mike proposed, but with my mid to short irons, I take it back like Sauger suggested and I hit it better. For some reason I hook everything when I try to take my irons back like Austin says to do. Any thoughts? I thought maybe I wasn't getting my pivot right, but don't think that's the issue.

  4. Did this in the morning on the range….slice fixed! Lol! I knew I had to tee up higher and come more from inside, but was being stubborn. This video reminded me of what I needed to do! Thanks!

  5. Man I just appreciate you and this video so much. Today I finally put it all together and started hitting balls Mike Austin style with a lot of success. I have been watching the videos for a few months and I was a little frustrated that I was not connecting well. I had a lot of thin shots and miss hits. The video today influenced me today to slow it down and make good contact. And that’s when it happened. I felt like I was hardly swinging but I was hitting it just as far maybe even farther than normal. But the best part for me is that I was hitting the sweet spot consistently and it felt amazing. Over the last few weeks I was considering giving this game up because things were not improving. Thank you for all you do and I am thankful for your videos.

  6. Nothing more annoying than a guy flicking drives as far as I can hit it flat out.?
    Steve, I know you switched lofts recently.would be interested to know what it is because it doesn’t seem to be hurting things at your VERY relaxed 90 mph SP?

  7. Excellent video Steve. So if we hit up on the ball we need very little loft? Presumably we will require a fitting to determine how little?

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