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This week's quest for 350 video sees me give an extensive work out of my new TaylorMade R15. It also leaves me with more questions than answers! Enjoy 🙂

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Joshua Payne says:

I honestly think you hit that 915 better. But that’s just my opinion! Keep
up the good work friend!

Peter Finch Golf says:

This week’s quest for 350 video sees me give an extensive work out of my
new TaylorMade R15. It also leaves me with more questions than answers!
Enjoy :)

Stuart Pollock says:

Just a bit of feedback on the titles of the videos. I almost felt like I
didn’t need to watch it as pretty much all the info was in the title so had
no surprise factor to it. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s almost like a
trailer showing all the best bits of a movie and then thinking ‘well, I saw
all this in the trailer’ when you go to see it :). Looking forward to how
the quest progresses :)

Hudson Harris says:

Hey Pete just if u didn’t notice u hit it farther than Rory mcilroy

Billy Nix says:

I would like to see you and Rick play a match with a set of clubs with a
cap of 200$ to spend of your choice on a complete set. Just a thought I
would like to see you and Rick do in the future. I think it would be great
for viewers to see what you guys pick with this budget and it would be a
lot of fun!

Alan Mills says:

Great vid Pete, enjoying your journey. Have you considered going to an even
lower lofted club head. Or are you constraining yourself to main stream
driver lofts?

Kevin Boudreau says:

Smashing Pete. You are killing it! I hope you will not only hit your 350
yard drive but also keep splitting the fairways on the course VLOGS this
years. Cheers!

Michael Rolton says:

Keep going my friend. Do you know any coaches who work with long drive
golfers or log drivers? They might have a few words of wisdom for you?

Scott Glennie says:

Getting there Pete!! Well done keep em blasting!!!

Mark Dean says:

I think the d3 would do it for you!
That’s if you don’t run out if tee pegs first!

Chris Longley says:

which driver do you prefer Pete?? possibly one inspires confidence more
than the other after hitting them both?? also…..just a thought, apologies
if you are already doing this but, a relaxed muscle can move faster than a
tensed one…..keep the forearms relaxed whilst keeping a controlled grip
on the club 🙂 keep up the fantastic videos!

James Littler says:

I think getting 350 is going to be a big ask; hope you do it and prove me
wrong. If you fail, still the best golf channel on the net (along with
Rick’s!). From a technical and scientific point of view, see if you can hit
the ball harder.

Is there a deadline for you to do this? Maybe we could sponsor you for
charity. If you do it I don’t mind chucking a few quid to your chosen
charity. Bon chance!

Gerard Boland says:

Pete, great vid – such a great swing! Just a suggestion for you that i
notice from watching some tour players like Rosie and Bubba, on the back
swing they both sometimes lift their leading heel on the back swing then
stomp it down through impact. It could be no harm to try that. Also, i
think yourself and Rick should come to Ireland for a few rounds! All the
best with your quest for 350! 

Strat TelePaul says:

Swap the shafts and see what happens. Depending on what type of glue they
used, swapping the tips is usually not that difficult. You can reassemble
with some Tour Van type epoxy and be back in business within an hour or so.
Too bad I am in the US or I would pop over and do it for free.

NovaScene says:

You might need a tour issue head, they look the same as retail but are
lighter. Tour guys don’t need all that weight in the head for intertia,
since they middle it everytime so it’s a best fit for them. Lighter head,
less forgiveness but more speed.

Iain M says:

Another great video pete. Keep up the fantastic work. Can you do a video on
putter fitting and the differences between the different types of putter
e.g face balanced etc and review some from odyssey taylormade and scotty
Cameron. Thanks 

golfninja says:

+Peter Finch Golf Great stuff Mr Finch, looked way more in control
(balance) than last time. Really good SF numbers. Top stuff. Change the
shaft in the R15 ?? plus more …. side bend ……;) Continued good luck
with the quest, guess you got to get that carry up to 325, 330 tall order,
but it’s looking good … you can do it :)

Powell21 says:

Hard work and dedication will help you reach your goals, that’s my only
advice.. Keep up the good work, love the channel, you and Rick have
inspired me to play golf, wish you both success

Andy S says:

Hey Peter, any chance you and Rick can take on mark Crossfield and one of
his buddies in some match play ? Keep up the good work !

Mark Woods says:

Good Luck Peter, Keep plugging away. Have you tried the LS Ping G30?

cwugrad396 says:

that swing is looking very good. good to see the hammer making a
suggestion. if anybody knows a thing or two about distance it’s him. 

MrBadassbuddha says:

Hi Pete, have you considered hitting it from the bay above you, got to gain
10 yrds. Seriously, i really hope this ‘quest’ does not spoil one of the
best swings on the tube mate, sometimes less is more..

Arnold Merriam says:

Great job Peter getting closer! Have you considered increasing your
backswing length like all the Long Drive guys do? There has to be a reason
they do that…big club head speed payoff. 

Keith Hamman says:

Nice one Pete give it another week there’ll be a new Taylor Made out you
can give that a try

Mark Shevlin says:

Good lad Pete, enjoying the series of vids. no tips or advise here or id be
the pro.

jeromeo12 says:

What about getting fit for one of those ultra lightweight drivers and
shafts if you are going for pure distance?

Steve Murray says:

Solid swinging coach. Pop in a 48inch shaft and your good to go!!

Adam Grégr says:

Smash factor 1.49 four times out of ten. Is that even legal?

Gerard Cusack says:

I suspect 350 wont be achieved through tweaking specs (though a longer
shaft may be important) but rather in your swing? Maybe your swing is to
nice ? to stiff? maybe breaking the left arm will allow a bigger swing? who
knows? good luck…

Robert Urban says:

maybe you should give Ricks g30 lst a try. He got some great spin numbers
when he tested it and maybe the speed humps could get you a faster club
head speed.

Brass Pipe says:

You make a good video. Keep them coming, Thanks.

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