STOP Firing Hips Golf Swing | Increase Clubhead SPEED Without Big Rotation For All Ages

Firing hips golf swing is all the rage when it comes to instruction and trying to get big rotation may work for some to get more swing speed. But for most mere mortals like a senior golf swing, it's a difficult, athletic (although natural) move to recreate all the time, especially for older and senior golfers.
so.. in this simple golf lesson we teach you how to Stop Hips Firing Too Early Golf swing so you can Slow them down to create maximum clubhead speed!

If you are Firing Hips Too Soon Golf will be a lot harder for you and your body. Consistency will suck and swing speed will suffer.

In fact you can Increase clubhead speed by slowing them down and not trying to rotate so much!

Another golf swing mistake Is a senior golf swing that Is trying to fire hips and and if you are Spinning Hips Too Fast Golf -. If you stop doing this you will increase clubhead speed

In this lesson you get some golf tips to increase swing speed with an easy golf swing that does not rely on hip speed or body rotation and Spinning Hips Too Fast Golf mistake made by many

0:00 You don't need to fire the hips for golf swing speed.
1:20 are you trying to rotate your golf swing?
2:00 Rotation and firing hips in golf is challenging for senior golf swings
4:00 Hips Firing Too Early Golf
7:05 best golf swing drill legs together
8:00 Proof of swing speed

If you want to improve arm speed, then check out this simple golf lesson;

And if you want to improve your backswing and hit it longer see this

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your golf swing Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing
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Golf wins in the complication department. No other sport boasts the amount of gadgets, swing fixes, variations of balls, clubs, tees, courses, not to mention weather!, however, it is not as difficult as you have been led to believe.

Or at the very least as complicated and frustrating as the golf industry has you made you you think.

The Art of Simple Golf was born when confusion overruled the joy of golf.p.s. Do you want 10, 20 or more effortless, accurate yards like thousands of other golfer with a fun step by step plan that you cannot fail at?

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16 thoughts on “STOP Firing Hips Golf Swing | Increase Clubhead SPEED Without Big Rotation For All Ages

  1. It takes some mental work to “ hit” with the rotation of the hip first but man I am f…g square at impact ,I compress the ball like never ! It simplifies the backswing,you don’t worry about it ,you just want to rotate prior to hit with the arms .so this work for me ,my only worry is balance ,I don’t rush anymore !

  2. awesome video, this should be the basis to everyone learning the game. I always have this issue when I try to introduce fades into my game, The quick hips leak into my stock draw swing throwing everything out of tempo. I will try the feet together drill looks good. Also the flamingo drill and the tiger woods stopping at the top of the backswing also help.

  3. Alex, this is a great swing tip for a senior golfer like me with a replacement hip and a replacement knee — firing the hips just won't happen. I'll work on this and the drill you showed. Thanks and cheer from America.

  4. So I have had many injuries by being taught the rotational swing late in life—mostly left hip flexor and glutes (I’m 54). I’ve gone back to something a coach once showed me: lifting the left heel in the backswing (and tilting the left shoulder towards the ball), then ‘stomping’ the left heel down to start the downswing, so the left hip is being pulled back, then I come through with the right hip, and the momentum opens the hips. It has resulted in far less strain and fewer injuries. But maybe crucially for me I can lie down and lift my knees to my chest, and while I can open my right hip so my knee touches the ground, the left is about 10cm off the ground.

  5. loving the optishot set up; looks similar to mine. Do you find the yellow balls leaving your screen discolored? the soft ones do for sure so I'm gone away from them. love the videos and instruction; keep em coming please. Thank you.

  6. Don’t we need a combination of educated hands and some rotation? No matter the swing style it seems desirable to use the hands correctly”delivering the club head in a de lofted position vs flipping. Don’t we want the sensation of hitting an impact bag regardless of swing style? I really like your channel and hope you have some thoughts on this

  7. "Fire the Hips" is one of the worst golf swing tips ever; it's a recipe for loss of timing and injury. Yes the hips "fire", and the return swing starts from the ground, but you "fire" neither. It simply happens with a well braced swing.

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