This Right Hip Tip Could Make the Difference to Your Golf Swing

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This video is all about a simple hip tip and how much difference it could make.

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beimsteiner says:

Yep this is me, then I end up pulling myself through with my lead leg and swing goes south.

David Booth says:

Keeping the trail leg flexed seems to be the magic bullet for me. I can now feel the ground force “push off” and the “up” follow through comes naturally. Awesome!

rangers1012 says:

Like the last few videos, working on rotation and hips, where I struggle!

Harold Pohoresky says:

Got it sorry! Its about turning pelvis into rear leg not over it if you straighten it.

Harold Pohoresky says:

Assumption you make without saying so is that one can not properly load right leg/hip in the backswing if you straighten the rear leg. Why is that so? Why can one not load a straightened rear leg on the back swing?

Damon Katos says:

This one tip makes a huge difference if you’re inconsistent. Fold your pelvis into your trail leg!!!

lifesalesson ullrnwhnurthru says:

I find that if I turn my hips (even when I turn correctly) too far or deep I have a hard time transitioning and getting back over to my left side, let alone having my hips slightly open when making contact with the ball. I know I’m not athletic enough to do such a deep turn. So I really have to concentrate on not over turning. Even if The turn is correct.

LowHandTopRoll says:

Hey Russel, what brand of golf pants do you wear?

Lynn Exley - Story of a Swing Change says:

Guilty as charged in last lesson – was straightening my right leg in a dysfunctional attempt to re-centre with various compensations resulting in messy ball flight. Didn't realise that was what I was doing till you pointed it out, its so obvious now and therefore easy to correct. Back on track now . Thank you!

Renegade says:

Russell, what who you suggest with back foot flare in relation to this? Can flare cause problems?

Rob Gimenez says:

I had two rounds where I thought I was meant to “wipe” my butt along wall to creste hip depth. But wasn’t turning hip over leg…
Will try this tmoz thanks

Ray Pdr Ray Profeto says:

What drill will help with not throwing right shoulder to start downswing. Casting rather then dropping right shoulder.

Harold Pohoresky says:

When my hips get really square to target in the downswing, i do stand up. Results are generally not good. Perhaps there is too much hip rotation and straightening of rear leg in back swing (never thought of that before nor have I heard of this tip). I probably need to load more onto rear leg so I can more readily open my hips more as i come into impact and avoid standing up. Very insightful hip tip. Thank you.

Blakus B says:

It’s almost as if this video was made for me!

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