Structure your arms & body correctly to keep them connected during golf swing

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In this video we look at how to structure your arms and body correctly as you address the golf ball, prior to starting your swing, so that you can maintain the correct connection between your arms and body during your take away and make a connected movement during your golf swing.

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Doug Hansen says:

She does a better job of covering the details of this fundamental than Hogan!

six-gold says:

Incredibly bad advice! This is what the drawing of Hogan looked like in his book, but Hogan never ever looked like that in any of his myriad of videos . His rms were bent at the elbows and his elbows were close to his sides. There is absolutely nothing natural about this arm positioning. Don’t look at drawings, instead study the man’s arm positions in videos such as the short video of Ben Hogan on the Ed Sullivan show.

Kennyc says:

Natalie, it's a pity you didn't show us this action in an actual swing. I find it very hard to point my elbows this way in a full swing. Hogan showed what you say in his book '5 Lessons' but I could never see it in his swing, though he did look connected with his left arm across his chest as he turned through. His elbows always looked to point slightly outwards rather than downwards and he definitely straightened his left arm at the top. Jimmy Ballard, when he demonstrated the connected swing, always had his elbows pointed down but they were bent throughout the swing (much easier to do) except possibly at the both arms straight position when you can't stop them straightening. As soon as you straighten the left arm on your back swing, he said, your club face gets out of square to the path – which it obviously does. He said keeping it square throughout should be your aim as you should maintain the triangle at all times. Jimmy tutored many great players who won numerous majors. I find his method works very well. I guess everyone has different ideas on how to swing. Good luck and keep up the good work. Cheers Ken.

al chavana says:

This was a great video. Somewhere along the line I messed up my grip. I lose a ton of distance and was starting to come over the top. This video got me back on track. I actually wrote the word elbow on my glove so I don’t forget that basic little thing.

Quest 4 Par says:

I went and played nine holes yesterday, but only put my right elbow in the correct position as you show here. I only had one bad drive all day, but I wasn't staying connected because I thought that the left elbow shouldn't be turned like the right. Now I see the genius of that setup of both elbows facing back towards my body. The Triangle is nearly impossible to break down with this technique. Again; this is Pure Awesomeness! I will implement the whole package that you clearly show here. Thanks Again Natalie!

Quest 4 Par says:

My backswing was so bad because nobody covered this. I have been working on my backswing for about a year and still was going way right of the target line at the top of my backswing. I tried to shorten it, but noticed that my club just pointed straight up in the air with a shorter swing. That told me that had I rotated anymore my club would have been pointing right of the target line still. So finally just about a week and a half ago I noticed the right elbow watching a golf video. I noticed that inside of the elbow pointing up and the back of the elbow pointing towards my body instead of to the right of my body and I tried it in my swing and the AHA! moment happened. My backswing was fixed; PERMANENTLY. So I started looking for someone to talk about it and explain it and finally I found your video. I know this is so overlooked in the teaching realm of golf. I am happy to see that you address it; And you address it So Well! You explained it Perfectly! Thank You, as it just reconfirms what I painstakingly figured out. I'm sure whoever was doing what I was doing when setting up for my swing when they see your video it will save them a lot of frustration. Great Video!

David Laffin says:

This puts the upper lead arm over your pec which is a great position for a powerful swing! Great tip!

David Laffin says:

Great vid. So much more power and consistency with proper set up!

Robby Kassouf says:

Great advice I needed this reminder big time

John Shao says:

I read similar stuffs from Ben Hogans book. Glad to have some real life illustration. Thanks!

TM T says:

Modern golf didn't use anymore..only hogan did it

Elly says:

This is the problem in my swing which I did not find in any of the videos . Thanks . It’s a really important tip to get square club face .

Jon Braenovich says:

Natile, so I understand the video, the elbows point back to the the respective hip and the arms set on top of the pecks and not along side of the body.

Cruz Talamantez says:

Mr. Hansen is correct, a very detailed explanation. The correct position of the elbows is something some of the best instructors overlook or forget to mention, so as a result most amateurs like myself go thru life fighting other issues, such as chicken wing, staying connected, etc. Thank you for the help.

Derek Whyle says:

Well done for showing this , it’s one of the neglected Hogan fundamentals. Getting the inside of the elbows pointing “ upwards” was a real game changer for me many years ago.

Rick Williams says:

This has helped me find the fairway more often and slice like never now with the elbows turned in as you show. I feel like I am holding the club differently and everything is working together now and it feels right. Thank you so much! You have a new fan and subscriber!!

Doe Boy Fresh says:

I just watched a video where the instructor wants the lead elbow pointing to the target… 🤦🏼‍♂️

Bernard Peyton says:

Natalie, Does this apply to full swing and chipping?

Brian Mann says:

Great video Nathalie.iIs it an optically illusion or the camera angles as doesn’t appear from your other videos that you do this set up all the time? Thanks

David Frawley says:

Just seen this. Great tip, it really does help. Thanks

Richard Charles says:

Brilliant! You can find the opposite advice from many instructors on YouTube, they're dead wrong. Stops you hooking big time.

The D.Z.A. says:

I tried this exactly the way you said with both elbows turned in and I couldn't make contact at all, actually the ball went backwards on me but when I experimented with just my lead arm turned in I struck the ball better then I ever have. So my question is why both arms?

The D.Z.A. says:

Maybe my backswing will look like one now!

Robert Paterson says:

Great explanation. Have been struggling with upper body and arms being out of sync for years. Poor takeaway and poor release all stem from what you have put right here. Forget the towel under the arms. Creates too much tension for me anyway. Thnx again. 👍

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