Struggle with Uphill and Downhill Lies with Fairway Woods?

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Jimmy asks Maria Palozola, a top 50 golf instructor with, if she has any suggestions since he tends to struggle when hitting fairway woods from an uphill or downhill lie. Maria explains that it is difficult to hit woods from uneven lies because the woods are long with little loft and are much harder to control than irons. Maria suggests that if you don't have to hit a wood, laying up with a hybrid or an iron will result would be the smarter play.

However, if you are going to hit a wood from an uneven lie with the ball below your feet, Maria recommends widening your stance a bit more than usual which will help lower your center of gravity. She also advises you to not choke up on the grip and to focus on staying down throughout the swing. If you lift out of your posture on the back swing, you will end up topping the ball. You should also plan for the ball to fade to the right a bit, so aim left of your target.

If the ball is above your feet, choke up on the club and make sure lean ion the balls of your feet to lean into the hill a bit. Falling back on your heels, is a common mistake which causes you to stand up and top the shot. The ball will hook so aim a bit more to the right.

With either situation, the uphill or downhill lie, take a few more practice swings just to make sure your club is going to bottom out at the right spot.

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Cr8ive Amboy77 says:

nice shot maria.. thanks

Cathy Me says:

Do you tilt the club head more or less?

Joe Simmons says:

What happened to the uphill lie explanation?

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