The BEST Swing Analysis App for your Home Golf Simulator!

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How to hook up the Swing Profile app to your home golf simulator to analyse your golf swing for FREE! πŸ”΄ SUBSCRIBE here:

Swing profile is an app that analyses your golf swing in slow motion and gives you immediate feedback on your swing. This video will show you how to set up the app and more importantly how to hook it up to your golf simulator for instant swing feedback on your impact screen & computer.

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Hello! My name is Mitch and I am relatively new to the golf game! I began as a 25 handicap golfer a little over 2 years ago and have managed to work my way down to my current handicap of 9! My latest investment has been a SkyTrak golf simulator and launch monitor, so that i can improve my golf game at home and especially indoors during the winter months. On my channel you will find some helpful tips and tricks related to SkyTrak, as well as monitoring my progress out on the golf course. I will upload how to videos, comparison videos and also some all important course vlogs!

I hope you enjoy the content and I especially hope that you find some helpful information from my experiences along the way!

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T oon says:

Thanks for recommending Swing Profile golf app. My swing improved so much after using it. I didn't use it with a home golf simulator but at a driving range and it worked really well. I like how the app automatically and instantaneously capture and replay my swings without me having to scroll through footages of videos. Especially love that it's a free app!

clark drago says:

Thanks for the info! I've played golf for years but only a few times a year until the last year I've really gotten into it playing every weekend. I saw your video about the Skytrak and want to get it but I'm hesitant because it doesn't show what the club is doing at impact but this app and can definitely help with that. Thanks bud!

Peter Thies says:

Thoughts on a similar app for Android?!

JulesTube says:

Use the camera on the back. Should be better quality.

Taylor Thornhill says:

Great video.
What golf mat (or standing mat / hitting strip combo) have you been using? Any recommendations? I feel pain in my wrist and neck after just one day with CCE. (And I'm only 28 yo)

andrew storm says:

Whats the dimensions of that room? Can you hit driver in there? Cheers

Alan Conway says:

Where do you get the link to update your skytrak? Great video BTW

That’s all Fowkes! says:

Great thanks! Any useful videos or drills you found for fixing the over the top transition?

David Ginola says:

Would be great if you could do a video on how to transition your simulator practice to the course effectively ??

Rob Taylor says:

Only for iOs. Meh.

Nick Gay says:

Brilliant. Cheers πŸ‘

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