Swing Eagle Golf Swing Trainer – For the first time ever, FEEL the swing of a professional golfer

For all the tips, pictures and videos in the world, none of them allow you to FEEL the swing employed by professional golfers. But Swing Eagle does. Swing Eagle guides your hands and golf club on the ideal swing path and with just 1 minute of daily training, re-calibrates your brain and body to change your swing to the Pro swing.

Swing Eagle grips your club just below your hands and then guides both your hands and the club on exactly the same basic plane employed by most touring and teaching golf professionals. The plane and carriage has never been achieved before and it is this intersection of the two elements that is different to anything that has ever been created before.

Swing Eagle guides your motion and when combined with the complementary training program, will help you retrain your brain and gradually start implementing a pro swing. This model can be height adjusted to suit any man, woman or child.

Now available for delivery within Australia, direct from Swing Eagle. Learn more at https://www.swingeagle.com.au/

10 thoughts on “Swing Eagle Golf Swing Trainer – For the first time ever, FEEL the swing of a professional golfer

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  3. I am a professional of golf and even when I happen to be at it for twenty years, I still had difficulty going over Ninety. I was not able to attain an excellent round during the last 3-4 years right up until I completed reading these golf swing tricks , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it). I am not effective when using my irons. My drive does not get to a great range but I am able to properly grip my driver without any problem.

  4. When I was still a beginner, I was able to attain a slice and 150 yards by conducting a regular drive. After learning these golf swing secrets , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) Now I hit drives between two hundred and two hundred and twenty yards and sometimes longer. Today, my handicap is 16 compared to when I was starting out with twenty six. Get yourself this guide today and don’t get left behind.

  5. The circumference of the circle won't fit every golfer. Also, the swing arc isn't a constant radius. I think this is a great idea but it needs to be refined and tuned to fit a variety of golfers.

  6. I haven't seen anything like this on the market.
    Makes sense that practicing your swing in a slow, controlled manner would help build muscle memory and deliver more consistent accurate swings.
    Will put an order in once I clear out a space in the garage. Look forward to seeing how it helps.

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