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Swing SLOWER But Hit The Golf Ball FURTHER – EVERY GOLFER NEEDS THIS!!! SO many golfers out there want to hit the golf ball further, hit longer drives, hit longer iron shots, hit long golf shots… but often you don't have the speed to do so… In this video I show you how to hit longer golf shots whilst using less effort less speed and better golf swing fundamentals… let's do it… and let's do it now!


mikenortheyes says:

Farther not further

Matthew Brown says:

That only works for me when hitting Takomo 101irons that James Robinson Golf sent me

Jamie Maksoud says:

James please do a proper golf grip video! 🏌️

zeos386sx says:

Golf is the ultimate try easy game.

B D Madsen says:

Great information James. I have very little hip movement plus my grip pressure is causing my whole upper body to tense up which effects turn and that move towards the ball.

David Boddy says:

Yes I like this

Lee golfer Crossley says:

Great video james

Richard Wood says:

This is exactly what my coach has been working on with me. 5 lessons in and already seeing a big improvement- played on Friday and from 1 lesson on putting I used my coaches pointers and had 30 putts for 18 holes. I also have started hitting it further with my irons and using so much less effort.

David Hudson says:

Also go back to the lesson you had with Sijin McNab James, where he taught you to exit the swing left increasing pressure on the ball and increasing smash factor and power

Clifford Holloway says:

Good one James….. miss Laura, hope all is well

Ken Phillips says:

So in reality you are turning your 7 iron into a 6 by de lofting the club?

Doctoberfest598 says:

Didn't realize I was doing this sequence correctly at the simulator the other day. Got a really good feeling of compressing the ball with my 6i and hit a max distance of 209yards. Don't know how accurate the fullswing sim was but it I was repeating it pretty well

Graeme Smith says:

Slow swings are less likely to be bad swings lol well mine are!

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