In this tip I explain how to get that slow easy swing. You know the one. It looks like you're barely swinging yet you hit the ball a mile. This is the swing I've been teaching since 1991. No matter what your age or skill level you can learn this effortless golf swing.

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If you learned golf as an adult, you're not doing this easy swing. Instead, you are just whacking away at it trying to hit the ball as hard as you can which makes your swing look fast and violent.

Although this hard, fast swing feels good you will not hit the ball your longest and you may end up hurting yourself. Plus, as you get older, you will continue to lose distance because as you age you get weaker.

A slow easy golf swing is based on your body rotation not your arms. This is why it looks slow yet it creates a ton of power. If you're sick of being inconsistent, not hit the ball very long and playing in pain then you need to learn this slow easy golf swing.

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22 thoughts on “HOW TO GET A SLOW EASY GOLF SWING (Effortless Power)

  1. One of my best swing aids on the golf course is a beer or two…no more than that. A legal performance enhancer which helps me get out of my own way. How do you drink beer and play good golf at the same time? Same answer Winston Churchill gave the king—"practice".

  2. Went through a bucket today trying to implement loose wrists and arms and driving with the hips, the practice swings feel great but as soon as I put a ball down, my brain goes into some kind of panic mode and no matter what I do, I find it extremely hard to not hit at the ball. I've only been practicing at the range for a few weeks so I'm very much a beginner but if I could somehow learn to stop focusing so hard on the ball I think I'll sort a lot of my issues. Another problem with this focus is as soon as I hit a bad shot, it ruins the next 10-15 balls because all I can think about is that shot. Really frustrating but I hope to improve.

  3. Paul, I bought your swing machine videos and book many years ago and I love watching your swing, but I really don't see any of the pros swinging like you ascribe. I could be helpful if you provided a few examples of current pros who have a slow easy swing. Thanks

  4. This man is right in every way, it takes some time to break those old swing thoughts and bad habits, but my game is improving so much from his instruction.

  5. Golf clubs are designed for the purpose of driving the ball long and straight. Since I am not a golf club, why don't I just let the club do the work for me. Simple concept, right? ?⛳

  6. I'm ready to be converted. I'm 66 years old and have lost some distance but my biggest problem is fighting a hook because my lower body doesn't work. I think this will get me moving again. Thank you in advance Paul

  7. Thank you, thank you thank you. I am new at golf and my experience is exactly as you say. My best shots were the ones where i made the least amount of effort. Then I tense up swinging for the moon and ball goes every where expect forwards. You are spot on with your advice.

  8. How to swing with Bad Knees , Left knee 6 Surgery’s 3 Total replacements , Right knee just one Surgery is Ok , Swing at Ball and just step Left and fall Back!

  9. This is the only video to watch if you're struggling with your swing. Especially if you're struggling with your driver. I'm a single digit handicap who fell into some bad habits of trying to hit the ball further. And like a lot of others searching for distance, I was trying to swing faster with my hands/arms. This video grounded me immediately and took me right back to the basics. My first round out after watching this video was extremely encouraging. I'm back to effortless power and renewed confidence on the tee box.

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