SWING SLOWER TO HIT CONSISTENTLY FARTHER is accurate, and there is the natural science behind it and GREAT TOOLS SUCH AS THE LAG SHOT @Lag Shot Golf to help you with this. We gave this tool a ride and were VERY SURPRISED at how far we were hitting it with that super bendy and high torque shaft, and the distance control was uncanny! We had a blast with them! Savy was consistently getting 175 yards, and Mu was smoking his always 210 with the Bagshot 7 iron, and I hit the ladies' and junior models 175 yards…

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Lag Shot Golf Training Aid https://lagshot.com discount code: “savannah” in the US and “SAV15” outside of the US

00:00 Shawn introduces the golf lesson w/ Sav & Mu
00:47 Analogy: How much time do you have in the golf swing?
02:30 Sav demonstrates how the Lag Shot helps improve her tempo in her golf swing
04:20 Sav translates the Lag Shot training aid with her golf club
05:30 Shawn also describes the how the Swing Caddy and Lag Shot also help you in unison find your swing tempo
07:35 Mu demonstrates how the Lag Shot golf training aid helps him gain more distance
09:31 Mu gains 20-more yards with his 5 -iron
10:59 Shawn shows how the lag shot works R-H Perspective
14:44 Shawn Clement Summarizes the golf lesson

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26 thoughts on “SWING SLOWER TO HIT CONSISTENTLY FARTHER-IT'S TRUE! | Wisdom in Golf | Golf WRX | Lag Shot Golf |

  1. Many people don’t know this but Sir Isaac Newton came up with his 3rd law while playing golf. “For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.” It’s very true. Want to make the ball go left then hit to the right, want to make it go right hit it to the left. Want an iron to go in the air hit down on it. Want to fix a slice, reverse your loop. Slicers think into out so backswing starts whipping in. But backswing should start out then get it in then throw the club to the right. I bet old fig Newton would won a major or 2 in his day

  2. Mu's power is amazing; 250+ carry with a 5-iron in perfect blance which is K. Berkshire territory. An advantage of the lag shot over the swing caddy is getting to feel the "loading" of the forearms which not many people talk about in golf. The forearms almost elastically resist the squaring of the club and then rotate through impact with the correct timing of the release of the shaft. Something with a face you have to square with an appropriate degree of torsional and overall flexibility will really help with feeling the timing of this loading and release since there is some waiting and sensing involved in timing it optimally to obtain great power and direction.

  3. bought the swing caddie pro (used your promotion code too). what a wonderful aid. But the number there seems to be misleading. No way I can swing my driver at +125 but I can make it click with my leg (my driver ss is around 105). still it teaches how to use your lower body!

  4. I love this video. I bought the lag shot for my self (driver, 7i and pw) and 7i for my son.
    I have used the lag shot and your instruction over the winter. My target this years is single digit handicap, (14 to begin the year) and to shoot under 80 4x. Played 6 rounds so far, has a personal best in 9 – plus 2, another 9 plus 4 and it’s still chilly out. Handicap is down 2 strokes already. Looking forward to warm weather!
    You guys rock!

  5. Does Sav prefer more of a lateral hinge than vertical hinge? (trail wrist extension vs radial hinge)
    Just curious, because it looks like it.

  6. Many self proclaimed golf instructors out there are preaching that a fast backswing produces more power. They try and justify this by saying it loads the shaft to a greater degree thus providing faster clubhead speed thru impact. B.S., B.S. B.S. !!!! I Call this golfswing pollution and swing wrecking crap. I have throughly put this thru the test and can honestly and confidently say these people are full of it. The only " uumpphh " I want to add in is well past impact and at my intermediate point. Like tossing bails of hay the legs play a major roll. Hey the dandelions are in full rage and are calling me.
    Thanks yinz

  7. Vos vidéos et conseils ont significativement améliorés mon swing, merci milles fois, j'espère venir vous voir pour une leçon au Royal cette année.

  8. Shawn, this is simply superb!!! Just tried to imitate you all…it worked so beautifully…felt so much in control of an easy long swing…thank you ..

  9. Interesting, when I allow my back leg to straighten slightly and feel the weight on the inside of my foot in the backswing, I feel the levitation of my arms and feel like I can swing through smoothly with a lot of speed building up through impact and beyond. Love all of your videos!

  10. I just got one of the Gforce 7 irons, basically this but same weight as a standard 7 iron (apparently the one Rory uses). Can't wait to try it out.

  11. Hey Shawn! Long time no talk! While you're not a big training-aid guy, one thing I've been learning recently in my own swing is that such "floppy" training aids force you to use physics. The problem with a golf club is that it's rigid and therefore easy to fall into the habit of allowing your muscles to manipulate it incorrectly and you might not recognize the signs. With one of these training aids, if you don't let physics take control, it won't work. Great way to help reinforce how to let go of control IMHO.

  12. Great video. You 3 are the best. Gonna see if I can get lagshot here in the uk with Sav’s code

    Suuuper impressed with you Sav, your swing looking smoother than ever and Y’all know I’m already Mu’s biggest fan ?

    Shawn… beginning to get frustrated as sav is catching you haha you’re time is up buddy ??

    Look forward to the next one guys ?? ❤️

  13. I felt I could have watched a Seinfeld episode from Mu’s takeaway to impact on his first LagShot swing….slow is smooth…smooth is actually fast! Amazing….when I slow down my swing I usually always get way more distance than when I try to crush the ball. One of the true mysteries of the golf world! Great lesson…thanks again for the useful content.

  14. My son gave me the blue 7-iron Lagshot for Christmas. It has forced me to slow down for sure. It’s my go-to for dry-swing warmups, and I hit about the same with it as with my normal 7i. Cool to see you all think it is worthwhile!

  15. Hey Sav, what's the code for the Lag Shot? I'm convinced. Thanks. Love watching you kids make the old man work. ;>) Again, thanks for these reminders. We tend to travel off the path.

  16. Shawn, is there a chance you guys could do a playing lesson on the course? Covering different situations that occur in a round and your thought process on what is the best way to approach them could be the format. You may have already done this but I’ve been watch your vids regularly since you wore a white microphone that made you look like a priest. Lol!

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