Take a DIVOT after the golf ball

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How To Strike The Ball Then The Grass
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12 thoughts on “Take a DIVOT after the golf ball

  1. I do hit a lot of fat shots I thought maybe it was because I’m releasing to
    early maybe I could be moving to the right with my body to much shall work
    on this

  2. Great video nice and simple as always, as a beginner playing in the winter
    there is nothing worse than fatting the ball. Need more grass driving
    ranges, the matts give you a false sense of security and are too forgiving.
    Cheers Rick!

  3. I see some Stack and Tilt moves creeping in around youtube from many of
    the pros. Weight left, stay left and central pivot.
    Great vlog Rick, well explained. Hope your enjoying Oz.

  4. Good content. Used to load my weight to much into right Side during
    backswing causing me to sway of the ball. Now i’m keeping weight under feet
    even during backswing, consistency of strike gas improved massively.
    Hope you can do long iron vid of grass.
    Keep up good work Rick

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