The Mere Golf Resort Part 1/3

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The Mere Golf & Spa Resort Part 1/3
The Mere:
Mobile: 07952514656

Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre Challenges Peter Finch also from Trafford Golf Centre to a challenge match around the beautiful The Mere Golf Resort & Spa in Cheshire.



HeidisBrother says:

Great vlog as usual! Keep em coming.

dante gonzalez says:

Do you and Peter plan on using hybrids insted of irons for your long irons
at any time??

Carter's Golf says:

There is a box on reception at Trafford Golf Centre for those who wish to
contribute to the ‘Buy Peter Finch a Decent Jumper’ Cause. #colonelmustard

11hoursoff says:

Best I’ve seen you play on the vlogs rick…colonel mustard needs to invest
in a mirror!

jamie mclaren says:

crossfield will not return calls after that round Rick good put. keep um
coming chaps

ReggieWHUFC says:

That was one lucky worm

Stefan K says:

That worm is like “wtf bombs??”

MDGolfaddict says:

Played really well here Rick striking it sweet as a nut

Sam Durward says:

Hey rick what shoes are those Adidas ……? Look just like a sneaker

butette says:

Strategy question for Peter. Why did you hit a 4I on the second hole (380
yards) from the tee to leave yourself 190 yards second shot when it looks
like there is still plenty of room in front of you. Rick had 160 in and it
even looks like there is still more room in front of him. Seems like a bad
choice of club of the tee ? 

Peter Boyle says:

david seamen!

Derek Comer says:

Great video Rick, like to 2 camera view,, looks good that GoPro :-), wait
till Summer, the colours pop with that GoPro

Ron Geronimo says:

Nice video

crockt100 says:

Hi Rick did u take the studs out of your shoes ? Great vids :)

redlinejcw says:

Bring on part 2!

Kev Dunn says:

we want part 2great vid

Peter Finch Golf says:

I’ll take colonel mustard…….and David Seaman I suppose 

darren deehan says:

love watching your videos. keep up the good work

madmanc111 says:

Class Rick making it look easy⛳️

jamie carline says:

Really enjoyed the video,both of you hitting it well.looking forward to
parts 2&3

salliemedia says:

Is a live worm a “loose impediment”? Does it depend if it was partially
burrowed? Can you repair a plug mark your ball is plugged into on the
green? Cheers

David Couch says:

I noticed on the 2nd hole that Mr finch seems to have had a Milligan from
the bunker?? The view behind shows unraked sand , the view from the front
shows raked sand….hmmmmm

Thumper15 says:

Playing well Rick!…beautiful course!! I must say, Pete has a great
looking swing…effortless with great tempo…thanks Rick really enjoy the
on course vlogs!!

MrRp25 says:

Nice Mully on 2.

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