TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver Review

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TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver Review
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AeroBurner Driver

First, the driver which is presented in a new matte white pearl paint and uses a black PVD face to provide contrast and help in alignment.

The driver's biggest advancement is its new Speed Pocket which is twice as big as the JetSpeed (which was the first driver to feature the technology). However, unlike JetSpeed, AeroBurner drivers do not have loft sleeve technology which offers loft and lie adjustability. This allowed company engineers to extend the length of the Speed Pocket across the entire sole for maximum performance.

The AeroBurner driver also features Inverted Cone, a technology used in every TaylorMade driver since the R500 Series in 2002. The Inverted Cone milled into the inner side of the clubface promotes higher ball speed on off-centre hits.

Finally, the AeroBurner driver features an ultra-light 50-gram Matrix Speed Rul-Z shaft. The longer, lighter shaft and light grip adds up to less than 300 grams of total club weight, promoting faster swing speed.
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ian bainbridge says:

Prefer the mizuno in the background, adjustability, good looks, sensible

Lee (formerly Cahnt) says:

Love that we can see the ball flight on these reviews. Fantastic new
feature, bravo Rick!
I instantly avoid a driver with a long shaft, so even if this one wasn’t an
ugly red and white one it would be a no-go. C’mon TM (and others), stop
treating us like mug punters, you know we’d mostly be better off with
shafts <45" nevermind 46" or whatever this monstrosity is!´╗┐

Wz Tr says:

A simple lie angle adjustment and that ball will straighten out. Anyone
blessed with the gift of sight can see that it’s too upright. Yes you can
bend drivers, with some experience and a heat gun.´╗┐

drewbiedrewbie says:

Is that the new mizuno driver I spy in the background? Review of it soon?´╗┐

Rick Shiels PGA says:

TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver Review

#GripItandRipIt @TaylorMadeTour @TaylorMadeGolf´╗┐

louie says:

does this club have a more upright lie angle? ´╗┐

UMad Bro?!?! says:

You pulled most drives though? G30 >>´╗┐

Matthew Collins says:

Mizuno in background im interested in. Not this rubbish!´╗┐

Bill Cavanaugh says:

Great video as usual. I was surprised that you didn’t get higher club head
speeds with the longer shaft, weight, etc. I’ve watched your other videos
and it seemed like the speeds were similar. You also have hit longer
drives than these. Don’t bet your paycheck on new releases. If they need a
sales bump, new drivers will hit the market. ´╗┐

eddie brown says:

Rick swings it about 110….most watching these videos swing 85-95, so it
doesn’t matter how far he hits it. We can’t. These videos would make MUCH
more sense if he brought people on there that swing 80 or 90, let them hit
their own driver first, then hit the new one. He did hit this left, as
usual, which helped me learn a little. I won’t be buying it. I hit it left
enough already….lol´╗┐

Davide Ciccoritti says:

Rick, please make a video of the AeroBurner vs the Big Bertha V Series. ´╗┐

jumpmanDOM says:

I don’t know if you just started wearing it or if I’ve just never noticed
but I see that Ping glove. Started wearing them at the beginning of this
season. By far my favorite glove ever´╗┐

Tony Rock says:

Think you generated the most club head speed from the V Series?
But like you said, it doesn’t mean you’ll drive it the longest. Nice
review. Thanks Rick. ´╗┐

sharkhark says:

Reminds me of the old burner drivers. Extra long shafts. Incredible
distance. Huge uncontrollable hooks. Not my cup of tea ´╗┐

Adam Stephanson says:

I see that JPX850 in the back! Get reviewing!!´╗┐

Cohen177 says:

Hey Rick, Nice review! Can you hit different types of shots in your future
reviews/comparisons. I would like to see how the clubs perform, when you
play a cut for example. :)´╗┐

Josh Noy says:

I agree with the comments about loosing a lot of balls with this as it
seems to exaggerate to bad shot. But I recon this will be a weapon if
fitted correctly! Be good to see how it performs when fitted properly!

Allan Butler says:

Think i see the JPX 850 driver there in the back ground come on Rick lets
get that review done ASAP please….

Craig Hopcroft says:

Never mind the tech, It’s bull. Longer shaft = greater club head speed.
It’s all smoke and mirrors. Taylormade going back to their roots. That’s
about right!´╗┐

Dylan Stone says:

Can you please compare all the new drivers coming out in on of your vs.
series. Thank´╗┐

Adam Melvin says:

Great video and great review could you possibly compare it to the old

NI golf says:

please check out my new golf channel for course vlogs only started the
channel and it would be great if people helped me grow. thanks´╗┐

TheGolfdaily says:

Hi Rick.
Great review as usual!

I have very similar club head speed as you.
Could you please tell me which shaft were you using with this club?

James Brooks says:

Why do you draw the ball so much? Is it face at impact or more dropping the
club at the start of the downswing a bit like sergio?´╗┐

nova68nova says:

Attack angles were 7-8 up? I don’t recall that being his normal driver

Richard Hanley says:

Looks like a bit of sf tech from the ping is in that one #notaright´╗┐

Jan Renner says:

You should test this up against the big bertha v series ´╗┐

Stephen Jordan says:

We see the Mizuno in the background. When do we get the review:)´╗┐

HighSpinSwingSpeed says:

Those hooks would be in the houses on most courses. ´╗┐

Lee Wharton says:

Good video, will be booking some lessons in soon.´╗┐

spookyfish says:

Bit of an unfair dig at Taylormade at the end given that the last major
driver release was June 2013. ´╗┐

Evan Cole : Golf says:

when is vapor reviews coming ´╗┐

Stephen Jordan says:

We see the Mizuno in the background. When do we get the review:)´╗┐

Bill Cavanaugh says:

Anxious to see this vs G30!´╗┐

hawkey100 says:

Rick, still waiting to see the Taylormade RSI2 vs the Titleist AP2 714´╗┐

MrShewdogg says:

it looks terrible, id be embarrassed to take it out of the bag´╗┐

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