TaylorMade AeroBurner Mini Driver Review

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28 thoughts on “TaylorMade AeroBurner Mini Driver Review

  1. Rick, if struggling with a normal driver would it be more beneficial to use
    a 440 cc driver rather than a mini, and then a traditional 3 wood? 

  2. Don’t see the point in it,surely a driver is easier to hit with its bigger
    face? & as u just proved its difficult 2 hit off the deck,I have the 16.5
    HL tp to which is so easy 2 hit off the deck..

  3. I think for a higher handicap golfer suck as myself that club would be a
    replacement for a driver. I tend to struggle with my driver off the tee.
    Great video Rick.

  4. It’s a driver! A Mini Driver. Not a 3 wood. I believe if someone finds
    drivers difficult to hit, they might opt for a Mini Driver and maybe a 3 or
    5 wood. I believe the concept is legit and can help many high handicappers
    hit it better and longer of the tee.

  5. Most players (me included) struggle to hit a standard three wood off the
    deck, so this would be a tee club where accuracy is required. Also support
    dzs29 on AeorBurner mini vs AeroBurner fw.

  6. Do you think you need to have a faster swing speed to get full reward from
    this club. I’m thinking about testing this as a driver replacement, but my
    swing speed with the driver is only 95mph. I’m fairly consistent with my
    current 3wood but have always struggled with the driver.

  7. You are a pro and you strugle with that…so For the rest of us (mid to
    high handicap)a 5 wood of the deck is good enough

    With a tee it s a bomber!!

    Nice review sir

  8. If you struggle to hit it off of the deck I think there is no hope for most
    average golfers. Also, it does not seem to carry any further than the 15*
    aeroburner 3 wood you tested. I do not see a place for this club in the bag
    of most golfers. For tight courses I could see packing the 12* in place of
    a driver, but would want a TP with a 70g shaft as the 60 is going to be too
    light in a shorter club.

  9. If people are struggling with their Driver because of the length of the
    shaft, there is a cheaper solution than this. Shorten the shaft by an inch
    of their current Driver, and add head weight to maintain swing weight.
    Keeps the forgiveness of the larger Driver head but adds accuracy of the
    shorter shaft. This Club is simply a product of manufacturers making Driver
    shafts too long in the first place. 

  10. I’m long off the tee but hit less than 50% of fairways when using my
    driver. I use the sldr mini 12 degree along with a sldr 5 wood cranked to
    16.5 degree and my scores have tumbled. Rather sacrifice 20 yards off the
    tee for 2 OBs a round!

  11. Thanks, Rick. Can you do comparison videos with the aeroburner mini vs the
    sldr mini and the aeroburner mini vs the aeroburner fwy? That would be
    really helpful, as I’m considering the new aeroburner miniwhen it comes
    out. Thanks and keep up the good work! 

  12. Can’t see it ever replacing a 3Wood! It would be a great replacement for a
    player who hits down on their driver but needs a smaller head with a 12*
    of loft with shorter shaft so it will play like a stronger driving 3Wood to
    help hitting more fairway’s.

  13. Rick described it as a good option for a golfer who can hit driver 300
    yards but struggles for accuracy. Well that’s Rick. But it didn’t really
    seem to help him with accuracy. He still hit it too far left it appeared.

  14. Why don’t they just call it a 2 wood?

    I think a driver is easier to hit than a 3 wood because of the face size,
    if I was struggling with the driver I’d just cut it down.

  15. I have the rbz 3 wood and I find the head size a little large for hitting
    off the deck, but love it off a tee.
    I have now got an SLDR Mini that I will use off the tee for accuracy and I
    have cranked my 5 wood down to a 4, which I will use off the deck.

  16. What if you try TaylorMade SLDR minidriver against Aero Burner minidriver ?
    whether there is any difference between the two golf clubs .

  17. I really liked the idea of a control club off the tee. In tournament play
    having the forgiveness of a driver and the control of a 3 wood seemed like
    the perfect solution for tighter holes. However, I could never get the mini
    drivers to out perform my 3 wood due to higher spin rates. I don’t know if
    that’s a common problem or if it’s just me but I had to use a 12 degree
    mini driver just to get the same distance as my 15 degree sldr 3wood making
    the mini driver less versatile as it was more difficult off the deck and to
    low of a launch to hold a green. 

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