TaylorMade GAPR Review

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New Gear Alert!
New from TaylorMade is the GAPR lineup consisting of three unique utility/hybrid clubs designed to gap your long game a little better.

While out at the Kingdom at TaylorMade HQ, we got a chance to have Tomo Bystedt break down the lineup. What started out as an overview, turned into a great tech spot as Tomo goes into how the product was created, how to choose which one is right for you and even talks about the selection of lofts for GAPR during creation.

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THP Golf TV says:

How is the gapping at that end of your bag?

oliver izzard says:

The gap that u created with crap iron set designs and the participation of stupid clients who only care how far their 7 iron goes…. There shouldn't be a gap. There should be an iron set that transitions from a 48 or 47 degree pw all the way to a 3 iron hybrid.

Mike Eastridge says:

more CRAPR from taylormade.

Twyer24 says:

Also would love a topline view of the gapr lo and the 790 udi

dale mcdermott says:

Nice to see TaylorMade using those Adams patents

Shane Ducholke says:

Taylormade wanted to make a club to fill the gap between long iron and fairway wood. Were they sleeping during the entire hybrid fad???

Jim Sanders says:

I wonder if they'll actually make these for leftys, unlike they did with the 790 UDI.

Austin Keogh says:

Great video, love the insight! I wouldn't call this a Review though, more of a preview. Now the long wait until these hit retail!

Bandit Baker says:

Great scoop to get this out first Guys, well done. It looks like an interesting way of packaging the option s together as a "family" of Clubs from TM, but I`m not sure about the name they have chosen to use. GAPR sounds pretty naff to me, I would have thought that TM`s marketing team could have come up with something better.

Jean Quant says:

Interesting. From what I could see the GAPR low is still quite a bit chunkier than the P790 UDI. Could you guys post comparison pics of them?

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