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PGA GOLF PRO Rick Shiels tests the TaylorMade M1 driver of 2016 against the TaylorMade M1 2017 on GC2 and HMT
Rick hit 10 Titleist ProV1 golf balls with each club and use the exact same shaft in the test. The results that were found are very interesting

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Rahul Rajendran says:

Good video but would have been better if u pulled up a course on the software

Benjamin Hines says:

How do you get all these clubs?

Eoin m says:

this is what happens when they come out within a year of each other


Thanks! I bought 2016 M1 today. I saved USD200 in Korea.

UTBaller22 says:

I honestly wonder if there is any difference in distance between the original RBZ driver and the new Taylormade M1. I currently still game the original RBZ because I haven't found a club I hit any better out of the ones I have tested on the trackman.

Marc C says:

Rick, I very much appreciate your reviews. Why? Because I find them valuable when looking at various clubs and determining whether to spend my money on them. I find your reviews open and honest. You always show us the numbers and help us define what is the cause of those numbers and how they impact us.

Case in point is this review – I broke my driver and needed a new one. I have a 2016 M2 4 wood that I love, so I thought I would look at the T-M products. I like both the 2017 M-1 and M-2, but both are pricey at $499 and $399 in the US. Last week I found a 2016 M-1 with the same shaft as my 4W. Tried the 2017 and 2016 M-1's together with the 2016 working better for me by a few yards of distance and dispersion. Honestly, very little difference.

However, the big difference was in price – the 2016 M-1 was only $249, half of the newest model. Your review gave me the support I needed to purchase the 2016 model. In the last 2 rounds played I have dialed in the driver and am hitting it better than my old driver….and have a few more dollars in my pocket! Thank you for our review.

RBL Rickster says:

A $100 says the next M family models will have completely Carbon Fiber crowns with even more adjustability in terms of how far you can move each weight back with a higher weighing weight. It'll cost about $50 more but I can understand that because of TVM and it costs more to paint carbon fiber 2 different colors.

The funny part is that the adjustable weights and lofts are what custom club makers have been doing for years. Back in the day, if you wanted to change CGI other than the stock model, you would have to get your driver hot melted. Hot melted means you would drill a hole into your driver, put the weight in with liquified metal using a syringe and adjust where you want the weight by turning the head. The only reason you'd take the crown off today is so you could change the sound of your driver by putting cotton in it or another substance.

Daniel Jarvis says:

Great swing. Thought your numbers would show the 2017 a bit further as you seemed to square that one up better. Thanks for the input!

NoahWB 3129 says:

hey rick do the same but with the m2

Shane Stein says:

So, the Indian matters more than the arrow, especially when there isn't much difference between the arrows. Got it! To bad the OEMs don't save money by having a smaller R&D staff and just release "new" tech every 3-4 years that offers something truly innovative vs every year with minimal changes, which are mostly cosmetic anyway.

kbkesq says:

Thanks you saved me $180! 😉

Phan Quốc Hoàng says:

Hi Rick. Great video by the way. i would like to ask you if the spine alignment and FLO or PURE is needed acording to you? Especialy with these adjustable drivers, I really can't see how it would work.

Adrian Harrison says:

Hi Rick, i have been watching your reviews from the start and love them, do not change anything

Moo Trail says:

Rick, please do a M1 440 vs M1 430, thanks!

J Roc says:

The newer version of my car is basically the same exact car with just a few small changes and some new color options. Should I cry about it and claim that BMW is trying to rip me off or use some common sense and realize that BMW is in business to make money and maybe the new model is being marketed to people that don't currently own a BMW? Taylormade is no different, so if you have the old M1 and don't want (or can't afford) the new M1, then just keep the old one and stfu.

Ernesto Lupercio says:

2016 looks nicer I think. ? numbers are similar, going off looks now.

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