Taylormade R1 or Nike Covert Driver

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Taylormade R1 or Nike Covert Driver, mark answers more questions from his viewers this time talking about what driver he is using and if he would choose another golf club if the numbers where better.

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kevin d says:

I recently put my r11s in the closet and put the covert in the bag.
Launches awesome and has great spin numbers on the monitor. Can’t wait to
try it on the course once all the snow melts´╗┐

MrYzrider97 says:

I’m 16 and today I hit my r1 330 yds on a par 4… I have been playing tm
since I was 3 and I love them it’s really just what your comfy with and
what you can hit like all my clubs are tm because that’s what I know and
what I grew up with

chris macdonald says:

I agree, the tour edge woods are amazingly long. Dont really care for the
913’s though. The nike and taylormade is a way better driver

payned96 says:

the bottom of the r1 reminds me of a compass.

Travis Sherriff says:

Mark, another great video with some honest commentary. I was wondering if
you could discuss shaft flex and how it relates to swing speed. I average
108-112 for my driver and high 90’s to 103ish with 3w. My fitter
recommended X-stiff. I have a couple in the bag now and when I hit them
clean they are great. If I am slow though they feel like they lose a lot of
distance. Would love to hear your thoughts. Keep it up!!

Dominic Edwards says:

Mark I have been having trouble with my driver people are saying there is a
different backswing route is this correct please help great videos

itubeutude says:

R1 head looks bigger?

dakota jones says:

You may want to look into a stiffer Stiff flex this is probably occuring
because you are not able to load the shaft consistantly to tranfer maximum
energy to the ball 110 is generally standard for Xflex, but you probably
have a smoother tempo so a stiff shaft might be better for you.

John Wood says:

Appreciate your reviews MC!

Dissco Burr says:

Yeah, I totally agree with this. I went in to buy a new driver with a bias
AGAINST R1…and ended up with the R1. It was just that much better than
the others for me. I am a VERY high spin player, and the R1 just murders
spin. The look is pretty rad as well. I hate the Taylormade marketing, but
I’m gonna go with what works best. It’s why I use an R11 fairway wood and
not an RBZ.

Evan Diede says:

its ok i make fin of their marckering too but they make some dang nice clubs

Matt March says:

I’m currently playing Nike VRS Driver 9.5 degree loft stiff shaft, And I
have trouble off the tee, I can hit the driver well when i hit it straight,
but I have a major slice problem. Anyone have any drills I can use to
prevent the slice?

Jake Moura says:

Why does age matter?

GolfingCanadian says:

hey mark, just wondering what length your driver is ? I’m thinking about
cutting down mine to 44.5″ but scared of losing distance. Could please
respond because this is the part of my game im trying to improve most, my
drive accuracy.

Rex Lin says:


optumus123 says:

why not 913?

daniel gibson says:

I don’t get all these people bashing TM, I don’t listen to all this
markerting, I’m no taylormade fan but the r1 with the speeder in is the
longest I have hit this year. Most drivers will fit any swiing with the
right shaft, and with the interchanagable ones without glue there’s no
excuses. Stop joining the band wagon and use what ever work bestt. Half of
you bashing the brand have probably not even hit any of the clubs.

UcanThnkItuCanDoit says:

I would tend to agree with this. But it’s funny, since in my opinion they
make a REALLY nice putter and you never hear about it. I have the ghost and
aside from the white finish being shit, its absolutely top of the line. I
dislike all their other clubs. I liked taylor made a lot before they
started making their clubs adjustable and white.

Ray M says:

I prefer the look of the Covert much better, but for me the non tour
version was better for me. The R1 graphics are ugly.

Blake Petersen says:

Hi mark I really like your comments I was wondering what the sound clip or
song plays at the beginning of your youtubes and if you would get the
callaway x forged 2013 or taylormade tour rocketbladez?

Stephen Masters says:

I sell a TON of these. Yes for many it just masks swing flaws they don’t
want to fix. Customer demands a stiff shaft, well…I jack the loft up to
12 degrees, close the clubface with the dial on the sole and I’m a genius.
Sad but it works.

rartis95 says:

Hey Mark would really appreciate if you could give me some advice. Ive been
playing since i was 7 years old ( im 17 now). When i was 14 i got down to
about a 2 handicap but ever since then ive gotten worse. I have no idea why
its happening but I’ve totally lost my swing. Now i struggle to break and
and its still going downhill. Should i try to totally re-invent my swing or
just work on fundamentals?

Ferdinando Monitto says:

1 Guy is a stupid

el060248 says:

One must be a really dumb fuck to believe that marketing bullshit. I,
personally, respect misleading stupid fools. It gives them a chance to
learn how to not be an idiot. However, misleading or not, TaylorMade does
make some really good, quality products like the R1 and the Stage 2 -family.

mcdijnh2 says:

Fook sake, all drivers nowadays are excellent. I was watching some senior
lady golfers on Sunday tonk their drives with new TM R11s about 140 yards
down the fairway. It’s the archer not the arrow. Plus, don’t be a sheep and
buy the white one!

John Ward says:

can you do a video on the nike vrs covert driver vs the titleist 913?

zak shingler says:

Im using the covert and its awesome but I like taylormade as well

Eirik Bergesen says:

1 guy doesn’t like mark crossfield

Julien Deslauriers says:

The covert is the best for long distance?

Luke Carey says:

I disagree with all this change face rubbish, it just masks over other
problems in your swing. For me personally, pro shouldn’t be allowed them.
They are hitting the ball longer and straight than ever before maybe it’s
because of this. For me, I think the best technically should win, not the
one who can’t keep it in the fairway do they shut the face right down to
get it in the fringes. Technically gifted over changeable heads any day

pmc820 says:

I like marks reviews a lot but he gets way too caught up in looks.

Tom Howard says:

Hello Mark – Great video, for me it was all about the numbers on my club
fitting, then it came down to what I could feel good about looking at on
the course. After the fitting I had a 913 D3, Tour Edge Exotics XCG6 3 wood
and a Callaway X Hot Hybrid. Have you ever tried or posted a video for Tour
Edge? It is an amazing 3 wood. Thanks Tom

Lloyd D says:

Taylormade are full of crap always have been they state there clubs are the
best which there not they say 80% of golfers are using the wrong loft
really I don’t think so. They upped there marketing this year cuz of the
nike covert release which I have the tour driver and fairways and

mackay19850203 says:

Hey Mark. Any chance you could do a video comparing the R1 Black and the
913 D3?

Michael Sutton II says:

If you had chosen the R1, I was probably gonna unsub. lol I really want to
hit the covert.

Ryan Shomsky says:

Right in the beginning when he doesnt bend over to put the ball on the tee
but then a second later bends over to drop his ipad lol

Gage Parker says:

Which would you recommend Titleist Pro-V1 or Pro-V1x

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