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RICK SHIELS – PGA PRO Rick Shiels tests the TaylorMade M4 driver over a 2 week period to give the most in-depth review possible


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Rick Shiels Golf says:

Thanks for watching guys!

So tell me… What driver are you using now? Which are you thinking of switching to next? ?
Let me know ⬇️

Jason Sechrist says:

The twist face is doing exactly what they designed it to do, most people hit toe hits left, it's made to alleviate that a tad. You said you tend to hit toe hits right, so now they go farther right, of course they go farther right, that's what the club is designed to do. Anyway I like most of your videos but this one you are harping on something that in my opinion you should not be.

Vince Almario says:

The Audio is sped up on the YouTube app, i was able to watch it by goin onto the YouTube site through a browser

Greg Milam says:

I play the Callaway Epic and I don't plan on Switching anytime soon. Looks great feels great sounds great and I hit it straighter and longer than any other driver I never used.

Daniel Smith says:

Been using the Cobra LTD that is was fitted for me. I am not planning to switch to a new driver this year. I am very happy with it.

Chiang Chih-I says:

Great edit! greeting from Taiwan!
This video contains all information I want to know about M4. Well done Rick!

Jt Dannhaus says:

Is the audio messed up on this for anyone else?

gillettecrackers says:

I like to watch you at night.

Carlos Fernández says:

Muy buen formato Rick!! Me gustaría que hicieras un vídeo comparando el M2 del 2016, con este nuevo M4. Ver los resultados de estos dos palos lado a lado, debe ser interesante. Principalmente porque al M2 (2016) le pegabas muy bien

Deven Cerda says:

The leaking to the right you noticed may have been from delofting the driver. In taylormade drivers when you deloft them it then opens the face a few degrees, and vice versa if you add loft it closes the face. Just a thought, love the review!

Jacob Borow says:

Why is the audio time lapsed

Logan Byler says:

Still using M2 V1 and have no reason to switch

LuisA2380 Menzes says:

Loving the format Ricky

Mike Wales says:

You mentioned wanting to measure decibel levels for drivers, I know they make smartphone apps, but they have meters at music stores. I would think that if you didn't want to use an app, they should have a meter there. I really like these in-depth reviews!

LM says:

Rick, great review format. Although doing these types of reviews will certainly be a time consuming venture. To address your question on sound measurement, there are sound level meter devices ranging from about 15.00 to 150.00 here in the states.
A sound level meter is a measuring instrument used to assess noise or sound levels by measuring sound pressure. Often referred to as a sound pressure level (SPL) meter, decibel (dB) meter, noise meter or noise dosimeter, a sound level meter sound level meter uses a microphone to capture sound. The sound is then evaluated within the sound level meter and acoustic measurement values are shown on the display of the sound level meter. The most common unit of acoustic measurement for sound is the decibel (dB).
You will want one that offers recording so you can check after the shots and not have to have someone holding and looking at it for you.
I don't know brands you have in the U.K. There are apps available for smart phones, however they are not very accurate. I hope this helps, and thanks again for the reviews.

Bryce Werblo says:

You could use something that measures decibels

Casey Turnbaugh says:

Thanks to this review I will not be getting a driver with twist face!

Stephen DiBari says:

Incredible Full review. Love the new review style. You covered everything anyone could possibly look for. Not a TM fan, looking forward to the FULL reviews of the Rouge Standard and Subzero

TheChenza05 says:

Rick, I was a big critic of your preview videos…but now that I've seen your in depth review, i think it is absolutely necessary to do it that way and you're doing an awesome job mate! should've never doubted you mate!

Cheemo Mugdoo says:

It sounds like if you have a fairly neutral swing path and face then Twist-Face almost negates the gear affect and gives you a what is effectively an open face on toe hits, thus giving you a fade. I would be interested to see what would happen with strikes near the heel with the same neutral path and face. Perhaps this technology is more suited to golfers with more in to out or out to in swings.

french_fry_god 29 says:

What’s wrong with sound???

Andy V says:

Be good if you hit every new driver up against your current driver 5shots would be good enough

Todd Rozens says:

There are free spl meters on the App Store which would measure volume at impact if you’re inside a hitting bay. Cheers.

Brian McCool says:

Video acting weird for me. Audio seriously out of sync with video (2x Rick = Alvin The Chipmunk). Watching on iPad. Other videos are fine

Johnny Hicks says:

Rick many thanks for a very honest review its much appreciated.

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