Mizuno JPX EZ TaylorMade RocketBladez

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Mizuno JPX EZ TaylorMade RocketBladez reviewed and compared with AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield. Mark hits the mizuno JPX EZ power iron up against the TaylorMade RocketBladeZ iron with speed slot and power specs. See which of these golf clubs could help you hit the golf ball further and hit more greens. Play your best golf with improved golf equipment that helps you hit the best shots you can.

42 thoughts on “Mizuno JPX EZ TaylorMade RocketBladez

  1. Hi Mark !
    Sow you are saying , weder JPX EZ OR
    THE ROCKET BLADE it should be a strat shot
    If we a good strat shot … If we don’t lock at the
    Distence ….

  2. While the numbers for the clubs are different, the lofts are the same.
    Mizuno uses stronger lofts on their irons, so a six in a rocket blade is a
    seven in the EZ.

  3. Great vids as usual. But agree with the guy below. Data charts need to be a
    little bigger. A little small using my 17 inch laptop as well as my phone.
    But keep up the great work. Ps I still like the chrome finish, won’t be
    going for the ez’s, (and come on guys, orange??? give me blue any day) and
    still loving my jpx 800 hd’s 🙂

  4. I am look for clubs that dont help,me getting the ball in the air. Because
    they go to high then. I like the looks of bladed irons but I am a high to
    mid handicaper. I am also looking for forged irons because I like the feel
    from them.

  5. Mark, can you compare some of the newer GI type irons to an older, but
    still current set. I’m thinking maybe the Ci11’s. I’d like to see how some
    of the new tech compares to companies that only put out clubs every two
    years compared to every year.

  6. He has done videos on the Ci-11s and FG Tour irons. A D-100 review/compare
    would be interesting. My guess is performance would be similar as with most
    GI irons.

  7. 1) Very hard to decipher those flight numbers. Can you make them bigger
    please? 2) Loving the overlaying ball flight picture. 3) How about a test
    on forgivingness: Have a high handicapper hit off centered shots and see
    where the balls end up compared to a blade. 4) Thanks!

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