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TAYLORMADE M3 DRIVER FULL REVIEW – RICK SHIELS – PGA PRO Rick Shiels tests the TaylorMade M3 driver over a 2 week period to give the most in-depth review possible

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Garrett Steward says:

Big fan of the new reviews. Keep them coming ??

Mike B says:

As I've commented elsewhere, TwistFace seems like an answer to a non-existent problem. It supposedly was meant to fix a 6 yard fade and an 8 yard draw 'problem' for weekend warriors. If your 'problem' is a 14 yard dispersion window, first of all you are a much better golfer than the average player, and I'm pretty sure the courses you play on have fairways much wider than 14 yards.
I appreciate the effort required to turn in such a quality review Rick, but it seems Twist Face may be headed straight for the discount rack…….

AJ Magnu says:

Great review- just wondering, have you tried the 440? If so, do you notice twist face any more/ less than you do with the 460?

Jack Floyd says:

referring to Pete as " a friend" now huh

Vu Ho says:

Are you going to go back and do the Ping and Cobra drivers in this format?

Juan Reyes says:

I like the new format I think it is a more accurate review of the club, I can't help wonder how you will manage the irons reviews.

Stuart hazard says:

BTW, yes. Really like the more complete review system. I always wondered how an off day or which club you hit first might affect 5 to 5 shot comparisons.

Stuart hazard says:

Probably too late to get an answer, at least on Youtube, but you bring up a good point about toe hits and heel hits that are mistakes vs. those that might be intentional. Do you suppose that the twist face designers are assuming that that technology is there to help the mid to high handicappers, like me, who are just trying to hit it straight?

Pat Cohill says:

Thank you! I like this new format and your honest reviews of this and the new M4 driver

Chris McMillen says:

Yes!!! Finally. What a great looking driver. Awesome new technology!

NayTheHorsee says:

west lancs? that's real close to where i live. you from around this way are you Rick?

ThaDoobPlaysGames says:

Okay I was a little suspect at first about the new review system, but after seeing these I say bravo Rick. Amazing in depth review.

Stephen Adams says:

Great in depth review Rick. Keep em coming!

Adam Stubbs says:

Great review Rick, loving the new format and the "ideal" figures/data comparison. Like your unbiased opinion too, basically getting down to the fact its no different to the older M drivers and this "new" tech isn't always a good thing. Keep 'em coming.

Paul Scott says:

Great new review style ?

Malcolm A. says:

This new format for reviews is really raising the bar; what a dramatic change / improvement for viewers.
Well done Rick

Will Schwarz says:

Would adding a third weight make it non-conforming to USGA/R&A rules or does that not matter?

Barry smith says:

Another good honest review first class Ricky ……⛳️?

Reid Danville says:

Rick did you or will you add a third weight to test your hypothesis?

Greg Williams says:

Love the new review style Rick, very professional and informative. It doesn’t get much more thorough!!

Tj James says:

Thank you for a great review

Darren Brown says:

Good review. Amazing difference in your launch angle though! That would make a hell of a difference.

Erik Sanchez says:

New review still is great!

Billy Pun says:

Too unbiased, Rick is gonna get banned from Taylormade soon.

darryl mills says:

Sick review bru!

Matthew Bowen says:

Brilliant Review Rick, excellent way to structure a comprehensive club test

Christian Warhuus says:

The new review was great, looking forward to more of them.

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