TaylorMade R1 TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Driver

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TaylorMade R1 TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Driver reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. See which TaylorMade golf driver hits the golf ball the longest from the tee. The R1 with it's many adjustable ports and screws or the TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 driver with its white,yellow and grey colour scheme. play your best golf with the best golf equipment and Mark Crossfield's golf videos and golf equipment reviews.



Tim L says:

Buddy, your casting through your swing and pulling the ball. How can you
really tell what the ball flight should be.

GrandmasterN says:

Hey marl… Any chance you could test the rbx stage 2 again with “real”
balls and gc2 thing… I think you will find this will hit it really far.

bearbrandable says:

too much talking

Mark Crossfield says:

Which TM driver are you? 

Nate Roberts says:

when he uses real balls he carries about 255

Carlier99 says:

to be honest if I could afford one of these I wouldn’t buy it because I hit
my 2011 cobra as far and as straight I don’t really know how all of these
adjustments can really help because they are so subtle, can someone make it
a bit clearer?

JOEM747 says:

Ye old r580 was a beast for me too!

rikkiola says:

Mark, how do those numbers compare to the driver in your bag?

Evan Bennett says:

I think the nicest club TaylorMade has ever put out is the Burner 2.0. I
had one of those for a while, but recently changed to a Cleveland Classic

Will b says:

do you not listen you cock they have range balls that are modified so they
don’t exceed the distance of the range

Iamlegend0014 says:

Brian vs gorilla James drive off ;D

Jeff Kitzerow says:

Thanks bud but that’s 190 meters which is nearly 210 yards. Oh and btw no
one cares because I’m sure he could kick your ass

BrockTB27 says:

I want the R1 currently using an old titleist hit it about 300-280 on

mrpeepaholic9 says:

Ping G25 stiff shaft

qudjy1 says:

Mark – is your most common miss Left of Center?

stityriah poop says:

Mark, my wife wants me to put my clubs in the shed. Should i divorce her?

bwotwbianlw says:

i haven’t watched your videos in a while….is your swing a lot longer?

srvfan04 says:

210 ha. my 3 iron carries 215. Honestly who cares???

bassguitarplayer123 says:

What app is that? The app that tells you how far you carried, distance. and
speed. Is that your app. I want your app but I don’t have it yet is it
yours or a different one, if its not yours please tell me what app it is.

David Oubre says:

We need a Brian WITB

Jared Zachary Pemberton says:

you fancy the r1 mate?

Golf Buddy says:

Ping G25 kicks the ass of both these toy clubs

aaron baker says:

Yes I agree. I’d like a comparison to the white burner driver. The price is
right for me on that one.

Jason Alcock says:

Is there a noticeable difference in dispertion between the two with stock
shafts? Also if they have the same shaft would that eliminate the
dispertion difference?

whammy1up says:

Swing’s looking ropey mark! Need to get stuck in more.

srvfan04 says:

well that’s because you’re superman.

Wyatt Smidt says:

Thanks for the help

Skyboxer says:

I currently use the RBZ driver and love it. I’m always a year or so behind
current items so maybe next year I’ll try the Stage 2

CaptainContraBass says:

I hit that RBZ 330 yards (carry) on a monitor the other day. Still wouldn’t
bag it. Way too long of a shaft.

t3n0r2009 says:

215 ha. I’m 10 and I hit my 7-Iron 325 uphill. Get on my level.

Carlier99 says:

The rbz 2 looks like the cobra ZL encore kinda

ross clewley says:

I think i should go with rbz stage 2

patrick C says:

I went to a TM tour truck fitting on the weekend. I’d tried the R1 but
literally out a proshop demo bag and was not impressed initially. I didn’t
like the feel or sound but that’s because it was nothing like what I had
been used to from my ancient Ping G2 with Aldia NV 65 (whippy feel).
Anyhow, I was trying the R1 TP X Stiff is a beast, I went from 3800rpm to
1650 average, which gave 260-275 carry and 30-45 roll out, dispersion was
unreal, maybe 20-30 yards, thats still fairway hits.

juakaliify says:

You do a lot of comment on the colors. And I think this is the last think
you care about. Hitting far is indeed not the most important thing in golf.
65 to 70% of the game is on or around the green.

Ray M says:

G25 vs Anser on trackman please. Great video btw.

TheLeprechaun0011 says:

its a fucking compass …who wants that

ross clewley says:

but taylormade put crap shafts in their drivers and other makes put decent
shafts in now

♠ SephirothXTR ♣ says:

Its not the club its the golfer what matters, and if you also like the
graphics then cool! i got the R1 and it works perfectly and i love its
custom options, great choice for a driver.

Chris Simmons says:

video was very interesting/helpful. Thanks

lapi0040 says:

So basically what this guy is saying once you cut through all his jiber
jabber is that you can buy a stage 2 at half the price of an R1 and get
better performance out the box. Not sure why this guy was pushing the R1 as
the better club when the numbers spoke for them selves.

Linus Lövgren says:

mark what’s your prefered driver shot? a fade or a draw?

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