TaylorMade RBZ RocketBallz Irons

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TaylorMade RBZ RocketBallz Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional and AskGolfGuru. Watch Mark hit the TaylorMade RBZ RocketBallz irons with their variable face thickness design and power hitting specs. The longer an stronger lofted RocketBallZ irons are made for golfers looking for power and easy launching long irons.

41 thoughts on “TaylorMade RBZ RocketBallz Irons

  1. I recently purchased these and Mark is correct. They average a half inch
    longer and 2 degrees stronger than my previous 2012 Mizuno JP825 irons
    except for the 9-GW which were exactly the same. Being 6’4″ I needed that
    little extra length on most of the clubs. Forgiveness is a little better on
    the Taylormades, too.

  2. I know the distance claims ate bogus as Taylormade takes a 6-iron and puts
    a 7 stamping on the sole, but then again credit must be given to them for
    making a 6-iron as easy to hit as a 7! Psychologically we all feel more
    confident hitting our shorter irons so it helps.

  3. nice and informative, I bought a set getting into the sport. I bought them
    thinking they were a good overall club, and could continue to use them as
    my skills got better.I have been to the driving range now for the past
    three days trying to get my swing down and still haven’t hit a single good
    shot with the fairway woods but the iron are good.

  4. I hit a few balls with the 6 and the 4 down at the range and loved the
    feel. I realise the 6 is playing more like a 5, but I got 185 with it 10
    balls in a row, all straight and consistent. That’s amazing for me. 🙂

  5. Also don’t worry about the look or the name of the rocketballa, hit the
    club and then judge them! I fell in love with the look of the Wilson ci11
    black irons so brought some of the shelf, couldn’t hit them for toffee.
    Probably not suited to the shaft rather than the club itself. Ended up
    selling them for a big loss on Ebay, but like I said on the other comment
    get a fitting! Especially if you 6ft 4 like myself.

  6. Hi mark just wondering what ipod app you would recommend, im thinking of
    buying the pro v1 app or the iswing app but that iswing app only records
    for 3 seconds i believe ? 🙂 what you think ?

  7. Mark, thank you for the video! Highly recommend these clubs! Have 6-SW iron
    set, including approach wedge with 50 degrees (as sandwedge has 55 loft and
    pitchwedge 45). 6 iron has the same distance as my old 5 iron. All the
    balls jump from the club face. Unbelievable!! All the shots are stright,
    high and long!! I also have RBZ driver (HL), 5wood (19) and rescue (25).
    All are very forgiving!! For sure, my hdc will get lower very soon!!

  8. Hi there been watching a few of your videos good job!! my question is what
    do you think is the better overall set of irons these or their family
    member burner 2.0 I can’t decide between the two

  9. I understand the specs are jacked up but what about playability? If it’s a
    jacked up 7 iron but is harder to hit since it plays like a 6 iron then you
    have a point. If it’s jacked up but still plays easy as a 7 iron then
    Taylormade is onto something.

  10. good for beginners? or what do you think are the best clubs for
    beginners?(complete sets or irons) i’m not clueless at golf just don’t want
    to spend $500 dollars on clubs so quickly. thank you

  11. Mainly because the resale value. They release so many products that a few
    month down the road your $400 driver is now on sale for $275. Companies
    like Mizuno and Titleist never price drop until the new line is released
    (Usually every 2 years)

  12. Taylormade started to launch bad quality clubs after the R9 series. The
    driver and woods looks lousy and the iron, wedges and putter are not
    impressive (or even abysmal). It name #1 driver will soon be replaced.
    Trust me.

  13. Who is the marketing genius who thought it was OK to sell something called
    “RocketBallz” to golfers? It sounds more like a track ball toy sold to 8

  14. @ChuugyGolf are u guys not taught that other places its pronounced
    different, just like colour and colour, its spelt different in different
    places, here in Canada we are actually taught about others than just are

  15. Some people will love these irons some people won’t but don’t worry of you
    don’t as there are other irons out there on the market you can buy…

  16. @mcgroogtube Oh look, another brit/Canadian thinking they are better than
    Americans because they think are more “cultured” I probably know more about
    the world than you and I’m only eighteen, so quit it with the stereotypes.
    And yes, we do learn about other countries, but learning how to pronounce
    letters the english way isn’t exactly significant when compared to learning
    other things such as learning about the EU or why China is communist.

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