TaylorMade R15 430 Driver

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Mark Crossfield says:

TaylorMade R15 430 Driver: http://youtu.be/3Kaim3H6Psw

Stompy77 says:

Quick question about the weighting system. Let’s say you add equal
perimeter weights, perhaps 10 grams or more, to older model drivers with
adjustable weighting (R11, R11s specifically) and adjustable loft, would
you get the same effect of high launch, low spin?

michael jirgensons says:

Mark, is the 430 head that much smaller than the other? Do you find it
harder to swing with the same accuracy as the larger head ?

fullwerkes says:

Mark, why are you not including your angle of attack, swing speed and smash
factor in the results? I appreciate there may be a lot of numbers on the
screen however I feel for a number of us they would be useful.

paul hutchinson says:

Hi Mark, refreshing honest reviews good on YA! I have Nike VR pro ltd
edition 430 head 8.5° loft fixed and Love it won 2 long drive comps with it
280 metres. Like you say it is all about middle hits for me I have used 4
drivers past couple years Cobra, Taylormade, Nike and if I nailed them all
would see little difference in distances. Practice & lessons PGA deliver
much more for me. Also use TM tour Rbladez irons which are forgiving when
you hit clean shot gets ball high and loose very little distance. Looking
forward to St Enidoc part 2 tonight… 

Mack Farley says:

Over more swings you would be able to see a bigger difference in the data.
6 swings has a large standard deviation and large room for error. Also,
those who hit the ball farther/more club head speed will see more dramatic

SmashYourGolfHandicap says:

Enjoyed the vid Mark

bceagle83 says:

What contributes most to higher spin rates?

Paul Reuten says:

I haven’t tried the TM drivers much but I have with titleist and cobra. I
get better hits with the smaller heads on sweet spots but the larger heads
definitely play much better outside that area. It’s a tough call especially
due to cost.

David Simmons says:

Going to try 430cc see if club head speed increases. Not a fan of the
white, preferred if was black. Cheers as always Mark honest review. Don’t
know why people get soo! uptight about spin & shaft
numbers. Impact different everyday!!!

George Walmsley says:

Couldn’t you buy another SLDR sliding weight then it’s similar tech?
Instead of spending a couple of hundreds of £.

MrPolus24 says:

I used to be a biiig Taylormade fan then went off them when they got all
gimmicky. Do you think with the SLDR and those slot-faced iron they are
actually coming back to form with real innovation?

wiiiiiiiiweeeeeeee says:

Recently gave taylormade my $$$ for their sldr after resisting
temptation……they can f*ck off now!

The Scoop says:

Admire your work! Congrats on your success. Keep it up pro! 

Raja Boes says:

Kind of clueless driver right there. Who needs extra stability when gaming
a 430cc head? better opt for the 460 version instead imho.

ZombieDave2 says:

Is this a direct replacement for the SLDR? I.e. are TM still saying you
should “loft up” the R15?

Jake Garcia says:

Can you do a video on the most forgiving drivers of 2014? 

stephen childs says:

interesting to see the highest spinning shot was the longest and
straightest you hit.

michael jirgensons says:

Hello Mark!

Johan Melander says:

Awesome Mark. As always

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