TaylorMade R15 Driver 430cc (Smaller Head)

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TaylorMade R15 Driver 430cc (Smaller Head)
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46 thoughts on “TaylorMade R15 Driver 430cc (Smaller Head)

  1. I know it’s not been fit properly yet, but only 1 shot out of the 5 is on
    the fairway Rick!! It’s ok hitting it consistently over 300, but if you’re
    hitting your second shots from behind trees or out of thick rough 80% of
    the time, it’s no fun, and perhaps not so good after all. As I said,
    perhaps a shaft change to dial things in a touch may help, but 20% of
    fairways hit is nothing to shout about. 10 yards extra? But in the trees?
    or 10 yards less but down the middle? Phone a friend?? The total obsession
    with distance nowadays without looking at the whole package of consistency
    of ball flight, dispersion etc etc, is a little frustrating and misleading
    for the consumer???? Fairways and Greens. But if you can dial the
    dispersion in a good deal, it could be very good for you.

  2. Thanks for another great video. The headcover might not look too sharp but
    it looks easier easier to get on and off, especially in the rain. 

  3. nice review! if i understood it right you changed the shaft on the 430
    model but used the stock shaft in your 460 review? so you can’t really
    compare those numbers, right?

  4. Hey Rick, been watching your vids for about a month now and really digging
    all the reviews, tips, etc. Not sure whether you’ve ever done this, but
    it’d be very helpful if you could go over the significance of each measured
    variable. For example, with your swing speed, you may be reaching for
    “low” spin rate, but that’s not necessarily the case for slower swing
    speeds. Keep up the great work!

  5. So i currently use the 430 SLDR, with the TP Stiff shaft, and I love it.
    I’m a generally ‘strong’ driver of the ball, and when the SLDR is on form,
    I cannot fault it. My Trackman stats are:
    – Club head speed (109mph)
    – Ball speed (158mph)
    – 2,220 rpm
    My real question: Is the forgiveness on ‘off centre’ hits for the R15
    enough of a difference to consider a change from the SLDR?

    Great review !!

  6. Hi Rick – how about getting an extra weight for your current SLDR (they are
    available) and then tune that and set it up against the new R15 – that way
    you will get to see a true comparison of the two and the
    progress/improvements ? For my money the Titleist 915 is a better
    performing/looking club & I have already put it on the list for Santa!

  7. Guys chill out about Rick’s draw, Zach Johnson hits a draw, up to 10 yards,
    but yet he is one of the most accurate players on tour. All Rick has to do
    on the course is just aim 10 yards right of the middle of the fairway,just
    like what Zach Johnson does.

  8. Nice review Rick! I currently use a SLDR with the adjustable loft on the
    hosel as well. From this video it looks like I’ll be able to use the same
    shaft and pop on the R15 on my SLDR shaft. Is that correct? 

  9. Rick, if you like the SLDR, why not just put another sliding weight on it
    and have the same forgiveness as the R15?
    For us regular people who has to spend 400-500 quids on a new driver,
    wouldn’t this solution be much cheaper?
    Honestly, I can’t keep up with all of these TM drivers.

  10. Great review Rick! That 430 is a bomber for you. Once you get it dialed
    in…wow. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of TM, as I just can’t get
    along with their equipment. But this could be huge for fans of their brand
    and those who hit the SLDR well.

  11. Hi Rick, nice review. What do you think about the forgiveness of R15 430
    compared to SLDR 430? Also do you still need to loft up with R15? You
    said it’s slightly higher launching. 

  12. Couldn’t agree more. I wanted to like the SLDR a lot, but couldn’t get
    consistent numbers out of it. If this is as good and forgiving as it is
    supposed to be… I might be sacrificing people on my Christmas list this
    year to afford this!

  13. He hit them all left….we have no idea if moving the weights would have
    corrected that because he didn’t do it during the test. Once again, what
    does it matter HOW far it goes, if it’s out of play.

  14. Rick you rave about the Titleist 915D3 and now this Taylor made R15 but
    what about the Srixon Z 545. That’s the only driver I’ve seen you hit ball
    speeds above 170 with. I’d like to see you do a side by side with it versus
    the Titleist and the Taylormade

  15. Not to keen on this white/black colour scheme. But bring it out in black
    with silver face and I’m sold!

    Solid numbers Rick! Will we see this or the 915 D3 in the bag for the
    Turkey trip? 

  16. Hi Rick, great video as usual. Watching you hit this and then hitting the
    915 D3 I notice your clubhead speed is significantly faster with this. Any
    reason or were you just swinging better this day? Cheers. 

  17. Rick, I have recently added the Ping Rapture 3W to my bag as a backup
    driver. It is about 260cc and 13 degrees. It is super long and accurate.
    It would be interesting to see how it compare to the new drivers. 

  18. Where’s the new Cobras ??? 😀 cant wait to bring them into the mix… atm,
    my monies on the Titleist, WOW they’re awesome, considering one in allblack

  19. Like the club reviews!!! Also when you do the head to head club
    competition’s. Do you plan on doing a competition with hybrid clubs. If so
    maybe include your adams dhy club with others. Maybe review for a game
    improvement aspect. Keep up the great work!!!

  20. great review great content defo the best golf youtubers you keep it fresh
    and new keep up the good work and have to say driver looks amazing love
    your review format 

  21. And no LH availability for the 460 TP R15, and no LH availabilty for the
    R15 430 at all. Surprising that Lefties are left out in the cold to such a
    degree. Just for info for any Lefties out there.

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