TaylorMade RBZ RocketBallz Burner 2.0, Where are my 17 yards

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TaylorMade RBZ RocketBallz Burner 2.0 hit up against each other on a search for the 17 yards extra distance. Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru hits the 2.0 Burner TaylorMade 3 wood up against RBZ RocketBallz fairway. TaylorMade claim the RBZ fairway can produce 17 yards extra distance so here is the video putting that claim to the test.


spinmilled64 says:


Jack Zylstra says:

You hit bridgestones as range balls??? I wish i had the money to do that…

mcdijnh2 says:

Quick question on gall balls. Seems like everyone I know uses Srixon or
Titleist. Whats your opinion on these Bridgestone ones. In fact there is
your next video all about the best balls we should be playing.

2268sm says:

I tried both the Rocketballz 5 wood and Titleist 910 5 wood and hit them
the same distance. Picked the Titleist because it looks better, feels
better and its adjustable.

jeanmunn says:

Marketing in golf clubs today has reached a new level and sadly most of
what we are being led to believe is nothing but absolute B.S. Mark, you do
a fine job in your instructional videos and impartial reviews, but all
these golf pros. that are sponsored have to get paid,,one way or another.
Regardless of who the company is,,their money comes from selling golf
equipment and I have no hesitation in stating my opinion that the bulk of
their ” claims ” about their equipment is totally bogus !

snowgrrl84 says:

Nike VR LE distroys both Taylormade 2.0 TP and RBZ.. Nike all the way!! baby

Ben Ewart says:

@vinceforobama I doubt ther will be, both very similar heads

Mcwise2010 says:

I just bought this club with a stuff shaft a few days ago. I’m 16 and my
swing speed is around 105. All my other clubs have regular shAfts and I can
hit them all fine. When I hit the RBZ with the stiff shaft it takes of very
low. If I happen to hit it well, it doesn’t go anywhere. I was getting more
distance off my 5 wood. Should I switch back to a regular shaft RBZ?

mcgroogtube says:

@snowgrrl84 I agree, i love the limited line, i use the vr pro driver,
3wood and hybrid and my 3wood goes just as far as rbz

McKay Howland says:

I’m actually deciding on RBZ or 2.0 but my swing speed isn’t very fast. I
always want it to go higher rather then farther. Which out of the 2 do any
of you guys who have commented is a better fit for me?

Mick Brady says:

how accurate is trackman ?

RCH says:

Great video. However, the “rah-ket-ballz” kid chants were getting annoying
after a while.

Luca Donatelli says:

wt would you recommend for a first set of clubs plzz help me out

oSilverShadow97o says:

Go to a local golf shop and start out with something cheap. If you’ve never
played much at all before, don’t go out buying a set of $1000 clubs. buy a
complete set and then later on down the road upgrade.

ynot1688 says:

fair analysis I would also prefer 910 better

higgins340s says:

so what is the speed in the small print then?????

ii Pato says:

all i can think is… ROCKETTTBAALLLLLZZZZZ!

Mark Crossfield says:

@higgins340s 150mph ball speed, that is very fast.

Jon Gough says:

hahaha came here to tell us about ur bullshit

Ben Kisla says:

I hit my 910F 7 yards farther

vincent haas says:

In terms of shot shaping, is there a big difference between the two? Thanks
for the videos, big fan !

sc0rch3d says:

I have the burner 3W and by far my favorite club in the bag. I’m an amateur
around 30 handicap and I’m hitting that club 220 off the deck and 240 off
the tee. It’s just a phenomenal club for people looking to get more
predictability in trajectory and distance. You seriously cannot beat the
price for it.

snoball1 says:

Definitely time to compare the Adams Super XTD 3 wood to the TM RBZ 3 wood.

Garrett Steinbrink says:

I think hes just a coach. Does that mean he has to be?

Mickey Wong says:

can u get gorilla james to test these two?

Sam Greig says:

yeah i agree it would be a fucking rare occurance if a 14 year old could
carry a 3 wood 265 yards

David Mejia says:

Not sure if this is correct but from my understanding trackman measures
swing speed and then guesses the ball speed from your swing speed and the
compression channel makes the ball shoot off the face like a “rocket,”which
creates what some people get as 17 yards. I tried this fairway on the
course and got 23 extra yards compared to my Burner 09 3 wood.

Mark Crossfield says:

@Lincolner64 very true and thanks for watching,

Dante Shaw says:

I hit the rocketballz 3 wood 270 at a simulator and the burner 216.54 yard

Mike Oney says:

You type like a 5 year old and your a liar

madgary187 says:

that rocketballz sound is horrendous

John Clausen says:

Oh hell yeah. Titleist just feels better. Plus, they’re not annoying and
releasing a new driver every 3 months.

snowgrrl84 says:

After watching your video.. I gave the RBZ 15 another try. Same results…
one or two bombs but the rest are mediocre.. I then tried the RBZ HL 17…
bam!! right there more consistent and just as long.. Not enough for me to
switch though. I prefer the Nike VR Pro LE and Titleist 910F. Just as long
and more consistent.. Nice video reviews!! By the way Mark are you single??

socomkilla91 says:

hahah good stuff

dhsieh911018 says:

please do a comparison between the burner 2.0 driver with the rbz driver,

Ben Kisla says:

you need to hit 150 mph ball speed. read the fine print.

Chris Kohl says:

my left ear liked it..

mik3yb0y06 says:

Hey mark could u to a review on the rbz 3wood and the 910f

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