Taylormade 2.0 Burner Superfast Driver

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Kabusharamen says:

I’ve recently bought a second-hand one and it is BY FAR the lightest,
easiest to hit and longest driver I’ve ever tried.

I am far from being an expert so all the beginners out there, this driver
is definitely worth looking in to.

Evan Diede says:

I have it not a big fan, it is a lot longer than other drivers and I think
it alows it to lose controll a lot easier, thinking of replacing it with a
cobra amp cell

Cameron Lampe says:

+Taylormademad I would recommend this driver, I have it and I am 15 years
old hit it 240- 265 yards with a 13 handicap and love this club

Winterstick549 says:

I have one. It took me awhile to get used to the lenght. I was slicing
terribly at first, but I was also a fresh rookie. Once I got the basics
down, I was hitting much straighter and now I really like it. I love the
loud whack!,,, 

mike leigh says:

i have one i love it

Peter Jenkins says:

I’ve had this club for about 1.5 years. For me I have a very long back
swing and I hit the ball very straight with the burner. It’s very easy to
use, the only problem I’ve had with it is that the grips it comes with
where-down quite easily. However, still a very, very good driver. :)

Taylormademad says:

Im a 13 year old with a 19 handicap, Would you reccomend this for me?, I
generally hit the ball 200-240 with my r9 tp.

Matt March says:

Now may I suggest the Adams Speedline Fast12 Driver.. Thing looks like
quite the club

bwotwbianlw says:

Definitely stay away from the TP. Not only is there a toe weight it’s set
with an open face so it would exaggerate your slice.

ivan ricciardino says:

el 2.0 es mucho mejor!

Dustyn strike says:

MrDpromer, get the burner 2.0. I have had both and the razr hawk sucks

Matthew McEwen says:

could u plz do a review on the 3 wood superfast 2.0

stewy1897 says:

I like the original superfast burner much better. The superfast 2.0 looks
to cheesy and gimmicky. Sure it’s lighter but it just looks stupid

Brett Zollen says:

Fuck ya dude me too! i started in june and i hit this club straighter and
farther than the RBZ

zionlaw says:

Can’t go wrong with a Ping. The G20 is awesome.

sc0rch3d says:

got mine re-gripped last week. after a few dozen trips to the range, you
almost can’t hit it after 10-20 shots b/c the sweat / heat makes it so
slippery. Should’ve re-gripped when i bought it.

redsbleeding2003 says:

first time watching i really enjoyed the content and your reviews, but i
would suggest investing in a better quality camera and microphone – it will
make your videos much more enjoyable…thanks

Rodney Wade says:

Mark I have the Burner 1.0 is it worth the upgrade? I am mostly looking at
reshafting the 1.0 because I need Stiff vs the Regular shaft that came on
it. Rather then reshaft, I can sell and get a 2.0. Would it be worth it?

dasdf45t says:

fix the placement of your thumbs

Luigi Leoni says:

@GeNeTiKSniPeR Es wird zu viel Geredet! Es würde besser sein wenn er mehr
ABSCHLÄGE zeigen würde!

bwotwbianlw says:

love the club just can’t hit the shaft or grip lol…..new xflex shaft and
golfpride grip and LOVE it…..taylormade ATV wedges next!!!!

sokker88 says:

I’m in the same situation. I have a large slice that I am working to get
rid of. Do you think for that reason I should stay away from the TP because
of the toe weight and invest in the regular 2.0?

Spencer Davidson says:

@superscootkid what taylormade did was make it lighter, put more weigh in
the back with a bigger club head, and also the shaft is just outstanding
and durable.

S1ick865 says:

Love this club added almost 30 yards to my drive

TheRealOhhDubzz says:

i just got the 2.0 and i love it soo much!

Jason Bedeau says:

Taylormade 2.0 Burna Superfast Driver

rozzerjnr77 says:

i ave 1 pure class

Jay Taylor says:

I’ve played with both i personally like burner better plus the burner i
believe is almost 100 bucks cheaper so something to think about.

Jessica Keys says:

im getting this for by b- day

Participant says:

This club certainly is obnoxiously loud. I could feel the eyes on me at the
range, not sure if that’s a good thing.

David Layman says:

i just hit this club today at dicks sporting goods in the range. it was
absolutely amazing! i just ordered one from the taylormade refurb shop
online and i’m expecting it any day now. i cant wait to use it on the
course and get to the range and hit some with it. i chose this club off
weight mostly. the white was very appealing but the weight of the club is
what impressed me. im going to regrip it as soon as i get it thank you for
that advice. great video

f1fanatic2012 says:

hey mark Looking for advice on which driver to use between the burner 2.0
superfast and the ping g15

cpowis says:

Orderd myself a Burner 2.0, hopefully get it tomoz so we will see, but got
no problem rocking up to my club with it, let the performace of the club
silence any critics. Well thats the plan.

jeep swenson says:

What is better the taylormade burner superfast 2.0 or the king cobra ZL
encore driver?

Miguel Dabu says:

got this driver a couple of weeks ago and its so worth it. It gave me
confidence in my drives and more distance more than before.

Rob Palmer says:

I don’t think this is a high handicapper’s driver as TM would have you
believe. I had this for a couple of months & struggled to hit the ball
straight consistently. The shaft is far too long at 46.5″. True, if you
connect well, it goes like a rocket but it’s not overly
confidence-inspiring at address IMO & far too whippy. High handicappers
want to hit fairways regularly, not impress people with long drives down a
range. Even pros think 46.5 ” is unreasonably long. Tiger uses 44″!

Laxkid34420 says:

Freaking love it got one today for $319 great deal plus it came with a $75
burner bucks from golf town to put towards any taylor made product so I
grabed the rosa spider ghost putter great clubs

pattara123 says:

My dad just surprised me in the morning with on of these

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