Taylormade Rocket Bladez Tour Ping G25 Iron

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Taylormade Rocket Bladez Tour Ping G25 Iron reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. mark hits the TaylorMade Rocket Bladez tour irons up against the Ping G25. See which iron comes out best as mark shows the data between the two clubs. The tour iron from taylorMade is being used by many PGA tour professionals while the Ping G25 is aimed more at a larger range of handicaps. Play your best golf with mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru and his free online golf videos on youtube.

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Alex Woto says:

Question for you regarding club specificatio. What would be your
recommendation for using a 3 rocketbladez as a driving iron with a graphite
shaft rather than steel. With what set up would I get the most distance,
graphite normal or stiff. Currently I play project x 6.0 with a 1/8 inch
tapper. Thanks

John Trubridge says:

Taylormade don’t hang around as the Speed Blade irons are now in the pro
shops. The question now I guess is how they compare with the G25. Compared
with the Rocket Bladz the Speed Blade is advertised as slightly bigger,
more forgiven, with a easier higher launch. To score well in golf you need
to be consistent, particularly with your iron play so it always surprises
me why there is so much emphasis on the distance element in test. Really
should forgiveness in off center hits and grouping of shots not be the
priority when looking at game improvement mid to high handicap irons.

ceilonyc says:

Hi. I have a set of Mizuno MX950 but I have such a hard time with the 6,5,
3h and 4h. I was looking at the rocket bladez and g15 as they have big
soles and I hope they get me under 100!! I’m usually within 100 to 110. Can
you recommend and easier set of irons to hit with?

Lloyd D says:

Slot ball s##t mean

Santiago Velasquez says:

hello mark i wish you make a video with the same idea but with the ping i20
and the ping G25

theMANxGOLFER says:

Largest difference is definately the looks. Surprised there wasn’t as much
emphasis on the difference on offset. Or more talk about topiine, sole
width, and toe to heel measurement. G25 is ping’s offering for those who
want help getting higher launch, much like taylor made’s standard
rocketbladez. You probably won’t be comparing the G25 to the MP64 because
most people aren’t debating between those options. The fact people are
looking at these 2 shows how forgiving the rocketbladez tours must be.

John may says:

Dear mark do you actually shot 5 or are you just that consitante

Cole Jesberg says:

Hey mark! Can you compare the ping g25 and the titleist ap1 irons?? I
really can’t choose between the two!!

optumus123 says:

712 ap2 vs rocketbladez tour

SuperMjc1987 says:

Have you ever got your hands on the rocketbladez max irons?

JAG sixtyfive says:

So you were simply trying to prove that a 6 iron goes further than a 7
iron? I’d hope most golfers already kinda grasped that. Lol.

Jason Bowles says:

I’d like to see a review comparing premium balls vs. more economical ones
as well.

JAG sixtyfive says:

We will never know, also depends on the Golfer too. For Mark, they could be
pretty close, for another Golfer it could be the TM and for another it
could be the Ping G25’s, but for most people, with a 6/7 iron, its more
about feel, control, ball flight etc, not so much distance.

Jankem Mcduster says:

I find it interesting that taylormade released a distance tour iron. I feel
like that is somewhat contradictory. The thing I love so much about blades
is their feel, and obviously tour players prefer them for their
workability. I have not hit the rocketbladez tours, but does the slot back
take away from any of the feel?

Super1Matt1 says:

@Dan Glover

Ray M says:

Ping G25 all day long!

ND Hickman says:

Just had a fitting at the range. Compared the G25 against the mizuno mp64.
Hit the Ping 7 iron a few yards further than a mizuno 6.

3rdgroove says:

Mark should’ve taken the Rocketbladez 6iron: same lenght as the PING and
29,5° loft. That would’ve been a much more sensible comparison. No wonder
the PING goes further in this test.

Keith Newton says:

I would think a 12 metre difference is just about right for 1/2 inch longer
and nearly 5 degrees stronger loft.

Tyler Wilhelm says:

not at all, it helps if anything. The long irons are like butter on smooth
strikes, its really something amazing

home0006 says:

I went into a fitting hoping that the G25 would be the better club, but the
numbers for me on the Tour were substantially better for me. It’s why
fittings are so important because everyone club responds a little
differently to every different swing.

The Hinchy's says:

So, different clubs but trying to compare. Pointless

emac417 says:

hi mark, can you review nike covert irons?

Dan Glover says:

doesnt matter because the lofts should be exactly the same if the T-Made is
the 7 iron

Radu Blaga says:

Like the Ping

Phil McIver says:

Mark im confused. Shouldn’t the G25 be up against the none tour
rocketbladez? I mean a mid – high handicapped player wouldnt touch the tour

Mathias Holm says:

Hi Mark 🙂 Love your video´s. In the video “Titleist 913 FD Fairway” you
said you were going to compere the 913F vs 913FD on trackman on a later
occasion. Is this video coming soon? Many thanks for your reviews and tips!

Ian Oates says:

Ping for me, purely on the basis that they are a better investment. They
seem to retain their value better than other clubs, which is handy when
trading in! Great vid as usual.

TheGolfdaily says:

What I love about the classic Ping matt finish is that, they don’t age.
Chrome finished clubs looks great the first day but scratches becomes
easily visible from the very first shot! Another great thing about the Ping
clubs is that they seems to be the only club manufacturer who seems to know
how to apply paints on letters that doesn’t come off.

David Eaton says:

Great video mark

Conor O'Mara says:

Hey Mark love the vids! I got custom fitted today and I was advised to get
Taylor Made RockeBallz Tour, Mizuno MP-64 or Srixon Z-TX irons all with
dynamic gold SL x100. I must say I am in a bit of a dilemma because they
all felt amazing, surprisingly the srixons were able to compete with the
Mizunos. Anyway I was wondering what you think because I’m not too phased
by distance, just the feel and consistency of each club. Love the vids and
would love a response! Cheers, Conor

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