TaylorMade SLDR Vs TaylorMade R15 Driver

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TaylorMade SLDR Vs TaylorMade R15
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louie says:

To me the biggest difference in the two drivers is that fact that the R15
allows you to move the weights to the extremes making it slightly more
forgiving. This club now has appeal to the not so great ball-striker. From
what I have read, forgiveness was the biggest gripe for SLDR, and thats
what TaylorMade introduced withe the R15. Thats just my 2 cents. 

JAG sixtyfive says:

Speechless, other than to say, get that Titleist 915 D3 in the bag!!

blair nunn says:

G-day Rick I think it’s time for a 3 head off
Between mizuno’s850;tit 915; and T.M.’s R15
And if it gets to cold up there in England
You can come down here in Sunny Aussie Land to do your review
P.S. Bring the Family you’ll love it down here.
Cheers Nunny

stumpyslvr says:

Well done Rick.I am sure there are going to be guys complaining about some
portion of the test because they want the new product to be better.I think
taylormade had a good club in the sldr and I don’t think the difference in
forgiveness would be significant enough for me to trade my sldr for the
r15.I think the titleist 913/ 915 review you did shows that titleist did
signifcantly improve their product through engineering but they also have
a much longer product cycle…2 years or so.Thanks again for trying to give
a fair assessment of new products. 

Nicholas Johnson says:

So in summary there’s absolutely no difference. Makes you start to
question TMs claim that they bring so many new drivers out as they can’t
wait to share the new technology with golfers so they can improve. All of
1 yard. I do think that the SLDR was a genuine breakthrough, this
unfortunately looks like a cash in. Would be really interested to see your
15 handicapper do the same test to see if the forgiveness claim stacks up
as there’s obviously bugger all difference in distance,

theMANxGOLFER says:

If performance is the same looks, sound, and feel come in to play. Some
might say the R15 looks better, but I’d say the SLDR looks better. The 430
version of the SLDR was also pretty good. Is the R15 louder? The only
reason I never purchased the SLDR was I’d occasionally hit the unplayable
hook when demoing. R15 initially gave promise of more forgiveness by
increasing MOI, but I really haven’t seen any numbers (launch monitor or
actual MOI data) to back this up. Wish they had a black 430 option and some
MOI data. Also wish they offered 430 12 degree in lefty. 915 D3 looks to be
the winner for now, but the new Nike Vapor heads look nice (except the neon
color). Thanks for posting.

Trevor Torrence says:

So in other words SLDR and R15 are practically the same club except that
they threw in 1 more sliding bar and changed the colours lol. Selling the
R15 for another 500-600 dollars while the 6 mth old SLDR can be bought for
half the price. Sounds like the typical taylormade moneytrain to me. I
still use the R9 Superdeep Driver and R9 3 wood. If you want low spin grab
one of these they perform just as well anyway and now cheap. 6 months from
now and your new R15 has halved in price and outcomes the R15ier lol!

Bruce Walker says:

How do you compare a 10.5 to a 11.5? Weird

99johnmatrix says:

Rick, what happened to your training regime with Barrie? 

Rob barker says:

Interesting results, Rick. Could you hit a few off centre to see if the
weights make it more forgiving?

CHR15Y BoY says:

Basically keep the sldr and save your money!!!

Jon Robbins says:

to me, now I know why all the TM athletes can switch clubs every year. It
is the same club??? I think based on your other video review I am sold on
the Nike Vapor

Craig Hopcroft says:

Bloody hell #robotRick. 

Joshua Payne says:

Rick I think you’re a bit TaylorMade bias when it comes to the driver. Haha
You hit the JPX 850 driver straighter then any driver I’ve seen and the
ball speeds you produced with the Srixon was higher then all the others.
Think you should choose from the two!

Tyler Orr says:

why cant taylormade just put another weight in the sldr all the weights do
is just pop out so why not pop one more in

hbyrdut says:

When comparing drivers it seems to me that the column that gives an average
for “offline” shouldn’t be considered. If you hit 5 shots with 1 driver and
they are all perfectly straight then they will be 0 yards offline and then
5 with the other driver and 1 is dead straight and then 2 are 50 yards left
and 2 are 50 yards right then they will be 0 yards offline. I don’t know
about you but I would rather have the 1st driver with all 5 shots online.
Am I misinterpreting the average “offline” column?

Rob S says:

Could they move some weighting around to add some forgiveness? Possibly.
Could they move some weighting around to change the ball flight, Likely.
Could they change some weight distribution to lower spin rights? Certainly.
The Golf R&A has capped the technology of driver faces, every company is at
the limit, and has been at the limit for some time. I’m growing tired of
the distance buzz words and marketing ploys. The R15 didnt outperform the
SLDR because its the same driver with some different color paint. All the
research and development that was done on SLDR was simply carried over to
avoid the cost of design, slapped with a fresh coat of paint and renamed.
Taylor made has been doing this for years, re-releasing the same clubs in
different colors. The R15 will be re-released again in the summer of 2015,
they may paint it bright Red and name it the SLDR15… but it will still be
more or less the same club. 

Craig Elmendorf says:

Hey Rick, is there a vid comparison with the 2 new TM drivers soon? So: R15
vs. AeroBurner…….thanks mate!

Kim SeHo says:

Since the R1 won against the SLDR in your previous video, how about R1 wis

Ant Lockyer says:

The new one was all over the place 25 yards left and 39 yards right. 64
yards between shots compared to 33 on the SLDR. That’s probably 2 lost
balls out of 5 on a tight course.

MardyBum100291 says:

Embarrassing for TaylorMade…

kevin tee says:

Great video as ever Rick have ™ gone as far as they can now with
technology? How about a golf ball head to head with some top branded
distance balls and the premium balls now you have the simulator software
maybe use an amateur alongside yourself to see how the figures compare,
with Winter upon us we all want max distance! cheers Rick

PingDrv00 says:

Rick thanks for this video was thinking about upgrading to the R15, but
figured even though the shape was a bit more pleasing, when I can get a
SLDR 430 with a Kaili shaft for $120 including shipping why not give it a

Justin Scheve says:

Not too surprised by the results. With the regulations that the R&A have in
place, we won’t see much in the way of improvement.
Another great video +RickShielsPGAGolf 

Scott Glennie says:

£400 to gain one yard lol. Mere mortals like average club golfers are
better spending money on coaching to learn to hit the drivers they already
have better!! Tried all of the new ones for next year and if I had to
change it would be the titleist 915 d3 if my fitness improves lol. Got to
muscle that baby!!

TherymasterWidnes says:

Hi Rick, I’ve a sldr 460, would you change to an R15? Cheers Paul

IrFrits says:

Rick, nice review! Can you do a comparison between the latest R15 driver
and its predecessor? I think it would be interesting to see why they
discontinued their “old technologie”. Thx! 

Peter Gar says:

Looks like I’ll be saving my money, lol… How does the R15 compare to the

Kristopher Barrie says:

Great review. Very good comparison, and clearly aesthetics are the only
difference besides the extra slider. I love my Covert 1.0, but I could use
the lower spin of the 430 head and I really love the smaller looks, so I’ll
be on the look for a cheap SLDR 430!

Eamon Mann says:

I am sure all the regulations and constraints on golf club design, keep the
max distance achieved between different generations of drivers very
similar. But what about forgiveness – do you see any benefit or differences

John Cordall says:

Yet another super vid. Would there be an increase in figures if you used
taylormade golf balls as I assume that’s what they were tested on in their
research ??

Griffin Keffer says:

Rock I would like to see you do this test over because usually your spin
rates are much lower. Also, in other testing, you have hit the r15 farther.

Johnny Hally says:

Rick it would be awesome if you tested this out with your 15 handicapper.
So all of us golfers who arent as good as you get an idea for the

Paul Reuten says:

How much does an extra SLDR weight cost btw?

John Martin says:

Great head to head. Thanks heaps for doing that rick. Think im sticking
with sldr.

Dave Harrison says:

Stunned I was expecting about 10 yes difference

Davide Ciccoritti says:

Nice video. Would love to see the R15 vs Alpha 815, along with the 430
versions as well. 

Jeremy Yoder says:

I think that the winner is the Titleist 915. 

Alan Payne says:

Hi Rick, the biggest difference I can see apart from the 12 inches in
length is the SLDR is now worth about £100 and R15 £350.

PingDrv00 says:

You were on good form today. Those swings are as close as you can get them.
I would like to see a session with going all out in swings though?

Rick Shiels PGA says:

TaylorMade SLDR Vs TaylorMade R15
@TaylorMadeTour @TaylorMadeGolf

David Simmons says:

R15 head cover #OvenGloves 

Tim Carsberg says:


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