TaylorMade SpeedBlade Vs RocketBladez Irons

TaylorMade Golf SpeedBlade V's RocketBladez Irons
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41 thoughts on “TaylorMade SpeedBlade Vs RocketBladez Irons

  1. Love your reviews and watch many of them. In the future please don’t put
    in those silly special effects. It does nothing and detracts from your
    usual excellent reviews.

  2. Been out of golf 12 yrs. getting back into it. Had ram Accubar 25 yrs ago,
    loved them. I’m about 15 handicap, age 55. Looking for high flight, stick
    pin and forgiveness. How does SpeedBlades compare with Ping Karsten?? Or
    what would you suggest?? Been hitting G20 lately, not sure how I feel about
    them. I want confidence in my clubs. Can you compare these irons?? What do
    you think?? Thank You.

  3. Ok… Not trying to hate or anything but honestly.. Why all the special
    effects. I feel like a high school kid got ahold of Final Cut Pro and felt
    the need to throw in as many effects as he could because that means better
    final product. Less is more. I enjoy the videos a lot more when it is just
    focused on the golf, not the shiny lights or the camera noises, or my
    personal favorite.. the glitchy dvd. Bu Bu Bu But other than that great
    videos, great reviews

  4. I bought the tm speed bladez in 3 and 4 iron and had nothing but trouble
    with them. Got them 1*upright so had to wait 6weeks for delivery as they
    were custom orders. That was no problem, however after 2weeks with them in
    the bag the 3iron bent at the hosel. Had to be sent back to Taylor for a
    repair which took another 6weeks. Shortly after getting my 3iron back the
    4iron did exactly the same, bent at the hosel. I asked if Taylor made would
    change the standard stiff shaft for a thicker walled one which would not
    bend. They refused saying if I wanted another shaft put on I would have to
    pay an upcharge. So another 6weeks to get my club back. during a practice
    session at the range just after I got them back in the bag both clubs bent
    at the hosel. Great. So again spoke to taylormade about this problem and
    finaly they agreed to change the shaft to a kbs. After another 6weeks wait
    they sent the clubs back but with totaly the wrong spec. So again back to
    taylor. Next problem was that during this time Taylor discontinued the
    speedbladez for the new blue version so I had to go through the whole
    routine again. Even after all the emails and phone calls they still managed
    to mess up my order. Right now I have the new blue model but it is the
    wrong length and lie for me. I like taylormade equipment, dont think I am
    just hating on them. I used their driver and 3wood and they are great even
    the 3and 4 iron were good when they were not broken however the aftersales
    for me was terrible. 

  5. Just bought some Rocketbladez to replace my Callaway X12 (ancient), and all
    i can say is wow, I know the lofts are strong but the feeling is great and
    the distance is really good, but I suppose that’s what 18 years of
    advancement in club design get you, keep up the good work

  6. You said it Rick, don’t bring so many out TM, give your dumb brains a rest
    and let people enjoy their golf clubs for at least a year or 2, all other
    manufactures like Ping, Titleist, not sure about Callaway bring new stuff
    every 2 years and hold their value more. Taylor made relies on peoples
    gullibility to think that new equipment will make them play better. I mean
    really 200+ yards thats 185meters with a 6 iron. I hit that with my
    standard 4 iron blade, how far would their 3 or four iron go, you don’t
    need a driver then because youll hit it out of the golf course, i mean
    comon, FFS

  7. +John Malihi just because a new model comes out every 6 months doesn’t make
    the old models obsolete. If players are buying new clubs every 6 months or
    every year they’re playing golf for the wrong reason. I just bought the
    SpeedBlade Irons and this is my first iron upgrade in 5 years. I know
    Taylor Made is going to come out with a new model in 6 months but I also
    know the clubs I just bought are beautiful, they fit my game and they give
    me a bit of a technology boost. If someone can’t enjoy the clubs they have
    just knowing there is a new model out, thats a problem with the player, not
    the company as far as I’m concerned. 

  8. Hey rick, I’m currently holding a 5 handicap and found a rocketbladez set
    for a decent price. I hit the ball relatively straight but can use a few
    extra yards out of my irons. I was curious if these seem to be a very
    playable iron set for someone who plays a few times a week? Did you find
    your distance and distance control to be consistent with them? (not hitting
    one shot 200 yards then the next 185.) Thanks for any input. Keep up the
    great videos! 

  9. I don’t wanna sound like a jerk but you’re a teaching professional and out
    of ten shots 7 went out of bounds? What do you normally shoot 110?

  10. Watching here in Aus. Love your videos mate. If I was to test out a speed
    bladez in a storeand liked the feel of it I could be confident of buy the
    Rocket Bladez online ( obviously they’re not in store anymore)? Thanks

  11. Hey Rick, I was wondering what is the average distance a six iron should be
    carrying when hit by a beginner like my self? I noticed at the driving
    range that my seven iron is barely hitting the 150 mark my six iron is
    maybe ten or fifteen more. Is that normal I feel like it should be carrying
    much more distance. Thanks in advance for any help you may give me. Keep up
    the vids I love your content.

  12. Hello! Have you thought about the Callabertha Golf Training Wizard, (do a
    search on google) I heard some extraordinary things about the results other
    golfers have had with it, my work buddy got great results with it. Yeah cut
    6 strokes in just a couple of weeks 

  13. I really like the look of the speedblades, never had a set of new irons
    before so they might be the ones!

    Im sure I’ve read that the the speedblades are more consistent with
    distance, the older ones we’re said to be a bit inconsistent with centre
    strikes going a lot further. I could be wrong buy hey ho

  14. these result aren’t valid because he could have hit them off center or
    mishit them and they would not have gone as far. I think that normal day
    golfers should go out and experiment thereselves

  15. id like to see the numbers these produce with standard lofts, lengths, and
    heavier shafts. probably not much different than any other cast iron today.

  16. Would like to see the data dispersion with a heavier shaft, to mimic tour
    specs. Could you do the same test with different shaft weights and flexes
    showing how the shafts can influence ball trajectory and spin?

  17. Hi rick. I was thinking of buying the speedbladze and matching up with the
    SDLR it will be my first proper set so not really sure would this be a good
    buy for a 17 hacp cheers 

  18. Great review Rick and thanks! I just upgraded to the Rocketbladez Tour last
    weekend from my R11s. They are amazing so far. Great ball height and
    trajectory and incredible bite on the greens from even 180 yards out.
    Reminds me a lot of my old R9 tours with more height. Love them so far! 

  19. Rick, great review and I’m in the market. I agree Taylormade should slow
    down. Please test the Adams XTD irons. I hit them vs. the Speedblade and
    was at least 5 to 10 yards farther in a forged iron. Thanks. Hank

  20. I started golf this year, I had a 34.4 handicap on April. I was playing
    some old Wilson irons with and r5 driver. Today was my last round of my
    season and my handicap is now 19, I was wondering what set of golf clubs I
    should get for me being a higher handicap. I had an eye out for Ping i20s.

  21. Shot dispersion appeared a bit tighter in the SB over the RB. Does the
    trackman say so, Rick? Would also like to know which, SB or RB, posted more
    consistent distance intervals 3 thru PW.

  22. Nice reviews, love the Flightscope data, but as many others have said –
    please leave ou the unnecessary special effects. One or two swings in slow
    motion is always good though.

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