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Gavin Williams says:

Very good review my mate has the red version had a try and holed a few putts nice to know it has some to hang on the red and black as I've always wanted a mallet style putter but always been told by pros not to as I have a slight arch in my stroke I like the look of the black but I like a soft feel I suppose I'll have to try both

Fraser Sutherland says:

Really loving the content keep it up

footballboots69 says:

You still have the wrapper on the putters, how can you make any comments on sound and feel lol?

Geordie Sancaster says:

Very good reviews of the three putters and the slight difference in feel and sound, also very well spoken well done on a very good video.

Waqar Ghulam says:

You have the shrink wrap on, and you are commenting on roll and feel? Not very professional.

Waqar Ghulam says:

The sweet spot is not centered in the JD DJ models. It's a bit closer to the heel. Is this intensional or is it a fuck up?

Stephen Harris says:

i would get the platinum.

fraser carnihan says:

Safe to say you can Putt lol

Lucas Featherbe says:

Nice review! Lot of detail. As a lefty I'm really happy Taylormade is finally releasing this in LH, i have wonted one for almost two years now. Im going with the Jason Day model.

matthieu le beller says:

Hi, Thanks for the review ! How big would you say the difference is between black and red insert ? Is the black still soft compared to other putters ? Thanks

Joe C says:

Nice review! What did you think of the insert feel for the platinum vs the jd model? The sounded similar in the video. Are these the same inserts just different finishes?

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