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Watch as Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Collin Morikawa, Tommy Fleetwood, Matthew Wolff and Sergio Garcia compete to see who can total the longest drive in the Team TaylorMade Stealth Long Drive Contest. This year's format is different. Each player gets to hit two shots and tally up their total yardage. If they're happy with their first two drives, they can keep that number, OR, they can elect to hit a Money Ball, which wipes out their previous two drives and now counts double.

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jbcurran1 says:

“THATS SO OPTIMAL” like no fkin shit wolfie


I carry 275 with 100 percent swing and these guys laugh at it 😒

MJM says:

I LOVE how they change camera angle mid-swing. Not

Cajun Squad says:

Rory didn’t get the memo to wear taylor made gear😂

Pat Mcgowan says:

That Wolff guys annoying

Golfing with ford says:

Wolff is so annoying he needs to shut up

Nate Cleaver says:

Stop ducking cutting before the ball lands this editor sucks so fucking much. You need to get better

Graeme Forster says:

Please Taylormade don’t get Wolff on next years video.

W Yang says:

Wolff is the only guy in the room who wants to hear him talk.

Unplugged Freedom says:

I like seeing these guys banter. It makes them seem more human 😅

seb prat says:

My back hurts, machines broken, that doesn't count, that means I win mentality. Just…annoying and no fun.

KID ROCK says:

9:14 sergio laugh is legend

Hellified says:

i like how they think we care about the interaction between shot

Scott Durkee says:

glad the "refs" gave such a clear layout of how the challenge works…..

SiSport 🧠 says:

Lol where’s all these videos gone … mmm contract negotiations..would be my guess !!
DJ will leave in a heartbeat if you butch about LiVgolF .. but Taylormade are a corporation now … so they know where the real $ is …

Jeremy Underwood says:

Wolff needs a muzzle…
Can't stand the constant need for noise coming out of him.

Oinks Snuggleshine says:

This matthew wolff character is the definition of swing stupidly just for the sake of being different. Kids, if you're watching, copy Sergio or Tommy

WHiSKiiKAT says:

Its all about the MONEY ball

Tommy says:

Wolff is the 'Scrappy Doo' version of Dustin Johnson

John Lilley says:

That Rory fella is pretty good, might have a future in golf

David Kim says:

Love Collin's reaction XD

Bat Fink says:

Big hitter da Lama……Long

Herbinislander says:

Tiger not here??

Anonymous says:

Wolff the one guy everyone wants off the tour and never shuts up!

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