Taylormade have brought out their new Stealth golf driver for 2022 and Mark Crossfield is comparing it up to the old Taylormade M2. Which driver will out perform the other, do you need to spend lots of money on the latest and greatest model, or are we at a stage where saving your money and buying old is the way to go. Taylormade stealth driver is a change in technology where they have moved away from traditional titanium heads and gone to carbon. With the stand out red face of the Taylormade Stealth, let see what Mark thinks of the looks sound and feel, along with the all important performance.

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  1. Typically you can get a 2016 M2 for about $200 and a M2 2017 for about $250.
    They were a little cheaper in 2000 but with Biden inflation they actually went up a bit in 2021/2022 ???
    And, yes ?? I do like the shirt. It will most certainly increase your club head speed ?
    Correct, twist face didn’t come along until the M3/M4 generation. ?

  2. If I could have used my shaft, but as it was, didn’t care for the sound at all with the carbon. Since they didn’t have a 76g shaft also didn’t hit well.

  3. Early guess here, the Red Face will definitely add ball speed, everyone knows red is faster than black! Anyone remember when TM made the face illegally fast and then dialled it back with speed screws ?

  4. I picked up an M2 driver, 10.5 deg, reg flex NM condition for $200 AUD. He gave me another M2 driver, stiff flex for NOTHING as he has skied a drive which has given the crown a loose tinny sound. So i think a bargain

  5. I would love to have an m2 but I just lucked out on a Callaway xr16 stiff flex for $10 with a jumbo cp2 grip! So far I haven't found anything to replace my bonded 9.5 RBZ. I'm hoping for more accuracy because my RBZ goes over 300. I'll find out shortly if it's going in the bag!

  6. Funny when mark tested the stealth plus he was 158.5mph bs and 279 carry and in his original 2017 m2 review he was 150mph bs and 260 carry… so I call BS.

  7. Great Vid Mark. I have the same Model M2 and am comparing it a Used Sim2 which i recently purchased. The M2 i can control fades and draws a lot easier than the Sim2.The M2 is also more forgiving and has a better feel at impact. Driving distance with both was the same..The M2 Head felt lighter, and when fitted to a shaft, felt easier to swing.The Sim 2 seems to have a much harder face that is unforgiving and less able to shape shots with.I have now completed 4 rounds of golf with both and decided that the Sim 2 is going back up for sale.The same shaft was used in each club during the rounds. M2 was the winner…My Handicap 6.8..Thanks for this vid.Great content as always.

  8. I have the 2016 M2, great club. The Stealth is all smoke and mirrors, not worth the money. I would look at the Cobra before the Stealth.

  9. I picked up a used but in almost new condition 2017 M2 and I love it, the sound is amazing it makes it feel like every shot is a bomb or struck really well. The bigger head looks better imo and I love the bit of white at the front over the all black heads majority of heads use. Not to mention got my M2 for $220Cad where as the new drivers run for $600-700+

  10. You know what would be an awesome video? If you brought a long drive person in there to help get your speed and distance up. I would love to watch the progression!

  11. I was just about to pick up a used M2 2017 at my practice range shop, after watching this video, the 5 years old club is still performing pretty well, now I'm back in the range to get it, thanks for the video comparison ….

  12. I JUST bought a used M2 driver from Facebook Marketplace. Good condition, and with a 2nd shaft thrown in, so I have a regular and a stiff … $175 Canadian dollars, which is $140 USD, or 107 Pound. Where I live, the different versions of the Stealth range from $750 – $800 CAD. I'd be crazy not to go with the M2 and get nearly identical performance for 20 – 25% of the price.
    With TM and Callaway both putting out significantly upgraded drivers, there is a LOT of product in the used market. You don't have to pay outrageous sums to bag decent gear.
    Thanks Mark, great video as always. And yes, I'm sure the penguin shirt made you hit further!

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