THE BEST value clubs in Golf?

In this video I look at two sets of clubs (D7 Forged and Staff Model Forged) from Wilson Golf. At one time Wilson were a powerhouse in golf, then slipped away. Are they now back in the big time with these clubs. I also test out their forged wedge.

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14 thoughts on “THE BEST value clubs in Golf?

  1. Ok I have several different iron sets from Mizunos to Callaways BUT my go-to set is Wilson D7s, so maneuverable, predictable and accurate that it shaves 6 points from my handicap rating. They’re true hidden craftsmanship at a great price

  2. went in to get fitted, expecting to pay $1600 for irons – wanting P790 or something similar.. the fitter gives me the Wilson and i walk out with them. $400 better off and happy lol

  3. I love Wilson's iron clubs. There's a huge clowd with Wilson; their delivery times and their communications. I ordered for my CB iron an 3 and iron 4 of D7 forged model, When 8 weeks passed and no clubs yet appeared, I asked why? I then get the answer that these heads no longer exist, they existed when I ordered, but not anymore. No one could answer either why I didn't get this information earlier, so I could change the order. "Don't blame us," Wilson said????

  4. i've got a set of these for over year 2 years now, bought them when i was hcp 6.8 and now i'm 2,5 and just had my first round under 70, so they r really really good irons. and same thing that Pete said in that video, irons are really good, but the wedge i played 1 round and took my old vokey back 🙂
    not very important part about them, but everyone who you playing with, they notice these irons in your bag and they wanna touch them :))

  5. After testing quite a few different clubs from various manufacturers I ended up with a set of Wilson D9's. Incredible irons for the price. Love them to bits.

  6. Played Wilson irons forever and now using D7 forged…love them and like the fact they cost way less than so called big brands…more majors won ?

  7. Great video! I am thinking about my first set of blades and have been drawn to the Staff Model. I am curious about the price. I know I am coming into the video a year late, but you said you could get these for 700 quid (about 1,000 US) I cannot find them for that cheap. Was this a mistake os is the 2021 version more? Thanks!

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