Teeuplo/Golf Vlogs UK vs Alan & Jason Prestatyn GC

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Vincent Mckenna says:

Tis just a breeze lol

Gary Ellis says:

Played there yesterday an the course was in fabulous condition for this time of year can't wait to get

Trotter 1966 says:

What a come back from the Challengers, well played Alan and Jason! Nice to see Andy helping his partner out for a change ????. Looking forward to Part 2 gentlemen – happy days ⛳️?️??????.

Ste Smallman says:

That wind is howling, I'd be lucky shoot 120 in them conditions ?

Paul Clark says:

Enjoy ya vids you and Liam are a good partnership, make me chuckle anyhow

Wayne Harris says:

What happened to the 9th hole, did I miss something?


Is this supposed to be windy… here at my course they call this a breeze lol. Seriously though well done for battling through.

Golf TubeUK says:

Did you remember the sandwiches this time?

oaklandpaving says:

wow, brutal conditions, gone long like my willy, LOL.

Mr Kipling says:

Great stuff fellas. I played in a society event a few weeks back with 40+ mph winds. Luckily we were playing Texas scramble. Not friendly conditions but you all playing well.

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