TGW's Best Golf Drivers of 2022

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Michael Smitty Smith Scottsdale AZ Real Estate says:

where's pxg gen 5

Henry Espinoza says:

Love these kind of videos

Keith Miller says:

I love my g425 max

Fluffyguy958 says:

Just got a 425 because of how easy to hit it was and how consistent it was. Not surprised.

Stephen DiBari says:

Surprised the Callaway and/or Mizuno Didn’t come in the top three in any category

LE GEND says:

Great video. I’m sure it was quite an undertaking compiling all this data. Thank you 🙏

Don Cleary says:

Great job. Would like to see a similar test with higher handicap golfers and senior golfers. Love your channel 👍

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