BEST DRIVERS OF 2022 – which is Sophie's favourite?

The Best Golf Drivers of 2022

Which is your favourite driver of the year so far? Let us know in the comments…

This video review was shot at LSH Auto Stockport.

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0:00 The Top 5 Drivers
03:19 Testing
5:02 Category 1 – Distance
7:21 Category 2 – Forgiveness
8:44 Category 3 – Value For Money
10:03 Category 4 – Looks & Feel
14:20 Category 5 – X Factor
17:55 Verdict

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14 thoughts on “BEST DRIVERS OF 2022 – which is Sophie's favourite?

  1. Picked up Stealth from ebay. Noticeable difference against my 2017 M2 in forgiveness. And I use ALL of the face. I wonder if the strike in the stealth can be learnt. (I'm two sessions in). One more thing with the Stealth – I can really tell the "true" sweet spot is small, more so than on previous drivers, notwithstanding the overall forgiveness.

  2. Great video! I have 3 drivers: Cobra F9, Cobra SZ and a Ping G 400 Max. I like all three but I’m getting the best performance out of the Ping.

  3. Funny how a club that you use no more than 14 times a round costs the most. 14 times for the average golfer that will have another 85 strokes…comical!! Many of those will replace their driver more than any other club in their bag…hysterical!!

  4. I bought a Rogue ST Max AND a Stealth head when I could find them used for a few bucks off. On roughly equivalent strikes, the Rogue was longer for me and felt way more stable. It really almost LIKES when you mishit it – it gets to show off. Out of the center I think it's much of a muchness (as Soph says) but I just had a lot of variance in trajectory and especially spin with the Stealth. I think a fader with a lot of speed would get along tremendously well with the Stealth. And I admit: I really wanted to like the Stealth, because it looks cool and the feel is great! But the Callaway Rogue ST for me is just everything great about every driver of theirs from the last several years rolled into one. Forgiveness, speed, consistency, feel….The sound/feel at impact is even kind of like they smashed an Epic Flash, Mavrik, Epic Speed, and Big Bertha B21 all together! Both of them were easily out-distancing my M6, anyway. Hard to go wrong with a driver these days. Just find one you like the look and performance of and go play!

  5. Glad Sophie said what she did about the Stealth, I had a fitting in February for it and felt exactly the same, low heel left constantly couldn't tell where on the face I'd struck it at all. Thought it was just me because everyone who has one screams about them just wonder wether they are kidding themselves!

  6. I went for a fitting, something I highly recommend. Did the fitting improve my swing? No. Did it find the driver which will guarantee I play better golf? No. At the end of the day, the biggest effector of the golf shot and it’s consistency is the person swinging the club. If you swing out to in, you slice. There are no servo motors correcting head alignment as the club face approaches the ball. But, it was a fun afternoon and it helped me connect with and choose a club. Every club in your review was in the mix. I went with an open mind. For me it came down yo the TSi and the Stealth, the numbers were very close. For some reason I could not hit a bad shot with the TSi on the range. So, off to the course with both and the Stealth came out on top, I preferred the sound and feel. SonI smiled to see them both come second in your review.

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