The 5 Biggest Questions Asked When Buying a Hybrid Golf Club

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Welcome to The Golf Shop Online YouTube channel. This YouTube channel is designed to help you improve your golf game and to help you gain more enjoyment from this difficult game.

We have enlisted Mark Crossfield who is our online golf professional and he is recognised as one of the most honest reviewers on YouTube. For many years he has concentrated on golf club reviews, golf club unboxing, golf club news and golf tips and ideas to improve your game.

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7 thoughts on “The 5 Biggest Questions Asked When Buying a Hybrid Golf Club

  1. I stop at 8 iron. 6 and 5 hybrids then 9 wood 7 wood. I'll sometimes put a 5 wood in too When it's firm and dry in case I want to run one as far as I can but I dont get the launch on it in normal mud island conditions to see a be edit from it

  2. your thoughts on stealth2 vs Ping G430 in the fairway woods and hybrids ? what would be best for a 58 year old senior ? lol….about a 9 handicap 90-94 mph driver swing speed and oh I am interested in a 4 wood and a 7 wood and a 5 hybrid….thx cheers

  3. Hi Mark Great Video?, Remember getting my first Rescue T/M 3 Bubble shaft, around 30years ago (was a great replacement for my 3iron?, Today carry 3 Rescues:- 4,5,6 then 7Iron thr’o to AW, 7 & 5Woods + Driver, The Hybrids are the go to clubs in my Bag, (love them) they fill a different role now, Thanks Dickey 9hcp 75year Senior Golfer

  4. I play 4 Adams Hybrids (3h,4h,5h&6h) in my Adams V3 Forged set of clubs, they just work so well out of the rough, and using them for punch shots and using them like chippers around the greens , just a versitile club IMO!!
    I just play them like irons taking diots with them and they work well, my buddies dont like them because they try to sweep them like a fairway wood and they dont really work that way I find! Hit them like Irons and they just FLY!!!

  5. Yeah, I also go to 6 iron, but I have three hybrids. A 6 at 28°,5 at 24°, and 4 at 21° then a 4 wood at 16°. Having a 6 iron and a 6 hybrid might seem silly, but with custom length shafts on my hybrids, they perfectly replaced my 5,4, & 3 irons and do a better job. That 6 hybrid is a hoot to hit too. lol The tall pine forest that blocks a corner of a short par four on my home are no match for it at all.

    We have a skins game we play a couple times a week and that hybrid has brought more skins since I got it. I can take a line right over them and never fear that it won't clear on the way up and the way back down. It won't quite reach the green, but in this greens case, that's often better unless you're truly lucky. It's a blind shot and the green has tons of slope front to back so you can't just be anywhere and expect to 2 putt. We have fast greens and missing a 15 footer with a sidehill lie isn't likely to leave you on the green. So that 6 hybrid has me landing just below the green and chipping uphill to the pin and that's got to be the easier play. It's sure taking skins from the guys.

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