How Often Should you Replace Golf Clubs? – Hybrid Clubs Vs Irons and Fairway Woods

How often should you replace golf clubs? And should you replace your Irons or Woods with Hybrid Gold Clubs?

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Now we know the space in every golfer’s bag is limited. I would really encourage most golfers to be carrying the maximum 14 clubs. If you're not carrying 14 clubs potentially you're missing out on an advantage of having maybe an extra wedge in your bag or maybe an extra hybrid club or fairway wood in your bag. And if you're playing with ten, eleven clubs and then somebody out in the golf course playing with 14 clubs, you're already giving them a bit of an advantage. Because they can hit shots that you would have to manufacture. They can just stand there and hit the normal swing, you've got to manufacture it.

If you've already got 14 clubs in your bag, but you're not getting on with some of them there is an option that you could look at changing out some of the clubs, so swapping one for another club I got for you here is I’ve got the Thomas Golf AT705 Hybrid club. This is one with the pear shaped back, so the rounded back but with a really nice alignment line on top. When I look at that in comparison to my five iron, I can see that the clubs are the same length. They have roughly the same loft on the top.

Now if you're looking down at a five iron or a four iron at the moment and you think you know what, I don't really fancy the look of this. I'm not striking it particularly well. I'm not hitting it very nicely and consistently. Maybe swapping for a hybrid club would be suitable. So any of your long irons that you stroke with, Thomas Golf make a hybrid club that's suitable for that. So this is the five version. That's why it’s comparable to my five iron. So five iron, sorry twenty seven degrees of loft with the five written on the back. So it’s about the same loft as a five iron, the same shaft length.

Now we’ve got a lightweight graphite shaft in this one and the profile of the head means a lot of the weight is low down and deep in the clubface. So it's designed to slide through the grass. The weight of the bottom of the club head will pop the ball up in the air. We can see the curved sole here. It doesn't want to dig into the ground quite as much. We wouldn’t necessarily want to be taking a big chunky divots. Generally when I hit a five iron off the turf, I'd be taking a big divot with a downward strike. A hybrid golf club works much better with a slightly shallower angle of attack just sliding through the grass, just brushing the leaves of the grass and picking the ball off the surface.

So we know the clubs measure the same. And in the static positions they've got the same amount of loft as each other and the same length as each other. And if you look at the chart below this video, you'll actually see that Thomas Golf recommended a five hybrid is comparable to a five iron, hence the numbering system. But now the real proof, the putting is actually in hitting the two shots. I want to be able to make sure that this club is going to perform in a suitable fashion before I make the change and swap it into my bag. So I’ve got the alignment line pointing where I want the ball to go.

My feet are parallel to the alignment line as well, make a nice swing. It’s a nice high ball flight, beautiful high ball flight. It's quite long. Now I'm looking for how far that goes, and I've got a measurement down there. I've already hit quite a few shots down there. I've got a measurement down there, round about 185. Now I know how far I hit my five iron and as you would think, it would be it’s about 185. Like I suggested the length of the clubs are the same. The loft on the club faces are the same. The performance of the golf clubs are going to be quite similar.

The major difference mainly is that the five iron doesn't necessarily look as confidence giving behind the golf ball. The sweet spot is a little bit smaller and I'd be trying to take a divot and cut down into this a little bit more as I hit it. A slightly lower ball flight out there, but it’s going to be very similar distance as those two balls lying down there. They are two pretty good shots within five yards of each other. So the performance is there for you. The length of the club dictates how far the ball goes. The profile of the head gives me a bit more confidence with this club.

The line on the top gives me a bit more confidence with this club as well. And if I wasn't very confident hitting my longer irons, maybe that would be a worthwhile swap. So if you are feeling that the three, four, five iron in your bag aren't flying very well, not giving you a great deal of confidence then use the table below to work out which Thomas Golf AT705, which is the rounded profile head. Work out which hybrid club it would be worthwhile swapping.

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