IMPORTANT advice for buying 2nd hand golf clubs!

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25 thoughts on “IMPORTANT advice for buying 2nd hand golf clubs!

  1. Super insightful, however I have one question. To what extent are deviations from the norm still okay? For example, is 0,5 inches crucial or still viable? Same goes for lie. Can I buy Ping blue dot (+1° lie) or not?

  2. I got some 400 dollar clubs . Not good at all . I played a couple times and have a natural feel . My clubs are not forgiving at all. Im 5’11 yet they feel short . Any club sets or pre owned sets anyone could recommend .

  3. Never had a horse in my head, but I've had a little horse in my throat. Sorry bad joke. I usually only bought used clubs from someone I knew when could. Haven't bought any new clubs in about 17 years.

  4. Bought a fake TaylorMade driver a few years ago and it played as long as the real one that a friend had. Same loft, same shaft, etc. I didn't know it was fake until a guy in a pro shop ran the numbers and they didn't match. I still have it as a back up driver and at my level, I seriously doubt that it makes any difference.

  5. First thing to check is are they right or left handed.Golfers have been known to miss this vital point, and it can be annoying if you don't check this at the beginning.

  6. I just realized (after playing with it since May) that my second-hand driver had a shaft that is 1.5" shorter than my spec. I've been struggling with driving distance all year and I'm inclined to think the shorter shaft had a part in it. My new shaft (from the club manufacturer) arrived a couple days ago and I'll be heading out tomorrow to see if there's a big difference.

  7. My biggest fear is buying fake equipment. I have become a huge believer in investigating that club or bag I'm looking to buy. Mainly because I cannot go out and buy new. I usually buy clubs that are 2-4 years older. So just be careful when buying on line. Thanks Rick

  8. spec is absolutely right. Ping is a great example – don't just go and buy a Ping set of irons and ignore the dot colour – work out what colour dot you are and get the right ones. I'm yellow, so getting red dot would be pointless!

  9. Great advice. As someone who has never really had the budget to buy new clubs or go for a fitting, I have always wondered how much of a difference a fitting would make to my overall game. Anyone got any insight?

  10. Now you mention it…. I have done a video on this ? How to spot fakes though? and btw the raid was in China 21,000 pieces of counterfeit equipment !!!

  11. Won state championship with used set of gold Titleist DCI irons old man brought home for me. That earned me a custom set of 690 MB blades got them ordered before they were even released and still use them 🙂

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