The Axe Drill Fixes Your Golf Swing RELEASE! ?

In today's video, Shaun Webb of Athletic Motion Golf breaks down a drill known as the “Axe Drill”.

The Axe Drill is a fantastic drill if you're overcomplicating your swing (who does that?!) and/or dragging your club head into contact. This is a simple but really game changing drill to get you back to a basic but solid golf swing.

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9 thoughts on “The Axe Drill Fixes Your Golf Swing RELEASE! ?

  1. Watching fellow range warriors rehearsing lag/impact with their hands a foot in front of the club head and the club head a foot off the ground drives me nuts!

  2. yep draggn the handle…or "drivin through the straight"……………………….i do that drill in my room with a lefty club. the woodn block is a bit better. maybe i'll make a wooden block with something straight up for the shaft to smack straight to. you guys got it. you need some more inventions, set a new and easy bar. the goal should be everyone have a sweet strike to learn in a hour then go flush it at a night golf course with glow balls. i spent too much time with this shit in my life, because………….our learning wasn't advanced enough.

  3. I like it Shaun. Makes sense. This is not how Pete explains it in the video I’ve seen on YouTube. Just watched it again after seeing this. His explanation and what he’s demonstrating has never made sense to me. ?

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