The new MOST FORGIVING DRIVERS in golf! (Qi10 MAX vs G430 MAX 10K)

I put the two most forgiving drivers in golf (TaylorMade Qi10 MAX vs PING G430 MAX 10K) through their paces.

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24 thoughts on “The new MOST FORGIVING DRIVERS in golf! (Qi10 MAX vs G430 MAX 10K)

  1. Iam still hitting the G400 Max and it's far and away the easiest to hit ive ever had. You can find them for 200 with a good shaft and it's worth a try for anyone who wants an easier club to hit

  2. Will we see you test/review the PXG 0311 Black Ops? I remember a short while where you had a PXG Gen5 in the bag. Hearing great things about the Black Ops

  3. Great cinema work , I liked the picture book analogy. You guys are making a boring review witty and interesting. Way better than other channels

  4. I want that Ping! Hiding behind TaylorMade faces for years but always knowing I belong with a Ping. The data does not lie; that club has built-in magic!

  5. I swing around 95ish MPH and hit good drives off the tee, and I also tried both of these clubs and can’t decide which is better, what do you think would be the better driver for me? Im looking for feel and distance please let me know

  6. I’ll wait to see Rick’s test on the G430 10k. I’m not putting Rick down but it’s hard to tell with you Pete because you hit the driver so well. Rick is more realistic in the real world. If he agrees, I could feel a bit aggrieved having spent a lot of money on the G430 last year and as we all know gains like this are expensive in the modern golfing world.

  7. you should use mid handicappers when testing forgiving clubs. I am very interested in the QI iron set. but that doesn't mean much to me when you, playing from scratch, hit the balls 200y with a 7 iron. if you had brought a 25hcp and let him try it too, then we, for whom the clubs are made, would have seen how forgiving they are.

  8. The G430 Max 10k sits in-between the G460 Max and the LST in the Ping line-up. If i didn't recently (Sept. 2023) get custom fit for TSR3 i would def. give the G430 Max 10k and the AI Smoke a shot.

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