The best driver range EVER? 🚀 | Titleist TSR Driver Golfalot Review

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Titleist TSR Drivers Review

Which driver do you think is the best of all time? Let us know in the comments…

This video review was shot at Titleist Performance Centre, Woburn Golf Club.

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The Honest Blackman says:

Me and this Lady hit our drivers the same distance, and im 6ft 1in tall 230 lbs, but i got very little backswing like Senior golfer Allen Doyle.

Bandit Baker says:

Three nice Clubs, but I will never understand why Titleist wait for 6months before they complete the family with the TSR1.
It just doesn't make any sense to delay an option that will be popular with their customer base who have the highest disposable incomes, i.e. seniors & retirees. If you were determined to stagger the launch I could understand (just) delaying the 4, but delaying the 1 is perverse IMO

Sp 76 says:

Fab review well done Sophie your content is great…..I have used the TSI3 driver all year and it is definitely the longest driver i have hit and i seem to be able to swing it faster too…….This range looks fantastic and I might just have to upgrade 🙂

Andrew Martin says:

Another great informative video Sophie, thanks!!!…<><…:)

Jimmi McKenzie says:

Thanks for the shout out for us left handers Sophie 👍

Ed Anzore says:

Nope. They can keep it

kieran pyne says:

Ace presentation Sophie!

john lynch says:

Great review Sophie.
Adam Scott is playing a Taylor Made Stealth plus at wentworth today

Spoons& Niblicks says:

Titleist fitter in another video said the R stands for REFINED

al Belford says:


James Bruce says:

I just picked up a Callaway Rogue ST Max and now i have driver envy again…"sigh"…lol

Dick Broomer says:

Hi Sophie loved👍your review, You looked 👀so excited when you picked up the TSR3 to hit & it didn’t disappoint, I like the Titleist Irons & think they have the easiest iron range to understand with their different models👍, Got my first Titleist club’s earlier this year T300 Irons, (have been playing for 50years +) & love them😃, Might look 👀 at the TSR Driver’s, love my new Rogue Max D Driver, Will Titleist bring one out?, “a draw version”, Thanks Dickey 9hcp 75year Senior Golfer (hope you love your new TSR3)👍

Jawad Malik says:

Great review Sophie. As a TSi3 player myself, I will go and test these but based on your results I do not see a clear reason to switch from TSi3 to TSR3. You gained 5 yards of carry distance but lost 5 yards in total distance. The one I would be intrigued by is TSR4, as a second driver. I could keep my TSi3 as the old reliable club for times when the swing is not just right and work on TSR4 as the potential long ball hitter for the times the swing feels good. Overall good clubs but not enough of a reason to upgrade.

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