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Wallstreet Johnny says:

Not even close

David Mercer says:

You were using a lower launching shaft in the SIM. This test needs to be made with the same shaft used on both.

Wakedaddy49 says:

So basically all the "Technology" that goes into the new drivers don't mean anything. I am looking at two drivers that look and sound very different, but give the same results. Good to know because I am still using the SIM Max.

Am Ir says:

My friend and I are both notorious slicers,. We tried that and in all our attempt our drives were straight and longer

Trevor Brown says:

Currently switched from Mizuno ST 200 9 degree to Taylormade SIM 2 Max driver 10.5 project x Hazardous yellow 63g stiff omg best driver I've ever purchased. Amazing flight launch long and very forgiving. 🏌️⛳🇮🇪

colin tennant says:

What did Liam Harrison do???

MK5EDC - says:

Taylormade R7 ganggggggggg.

Jim Fox says:

It’s not the cure all
Two guys I play with went stealth and still hit the same drives😂
When I hit the club I found the distance was the same as my ping g410 , but it was forgiving and sounds and looks great

Jay Harney says:

I have had every Taylor Made driver since the M3 and the truth is? The M3 remains my favorite. Though it’s now broken.
The Stealth was given to me by TM as a warranty replacement for my Sim2, and I hate it.

Ed King says:

Had a SIM and loved the feel and distance but it just was a little too easy (for me) to hit that high push miss. I went back to my trusty old M3 and despite hating the feel compared to the SIM I was able to eliminate the that miss and still able to move the ball either way. Distance was comparable. I've since switched to Titleist TSi2 and it's tons more forgiving than both TM offerings. I never liked the Stealth as it's hard to see where you are hitting it on the face. Ball leaves almost no mark.

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