BEST Golf Drivers Under $300 (2023)

What’s the best golf drivers under $300? Golf Drivers can be EXPENSIVE. In this video I review and compare Taylormade, Titleist, Callaway, Ping and Cobra Golf. These 5 drivers STILL sell really well. Find out how I rank these drivers. All that, and more………

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00:00 Intro
00:51 1st Driver
03:36 2nd Driver
06:19 3rd Driver
09:05 4th Driver
11:47 Last Driver
14:19 Look at the Dispersion
15:12 Ranking the Drivers
18:07 Where to Buy These Drivers

22 thoughts on “BEST Golf Drivers Under $300 (2023)

  1. I like these type of videos as there are alot of us that can’t afford new clubs very often. I just got a M4 and I’m trying it for now, but I rock a Yes Tracy 2 putter which is an old one.

  2. I play the g410 LST with an after market 18 gram weight put in the centre and hit straight bombs 300-350 here in Ontario. I think the weight that came with it was 12 gram but the 18 gram makes it into a fairway finder , hard to upgrade it

  3. When you look at the average click first on the club you select at the left because it will show your last shot data if you dont choose first. I noticed some difference in your data going back and forth on the video and your avg is somtime if not always better than your last shot

  4. The tour edge pro c722 is one of the most underrated drivers out there for under 300. Got a demo for 170$ then upgraded the shaft to a yellow proforce v2

  5. I was gifted a new Ping G425 Max in my specs. I tried it for a season and early into the second season I sold it. I just couldn't get on with it. I played without a driver for a bit and then tried a TS3 off the used rack at Golf Town. Paid $260 CDN for it and I hit it so well. With the money I had left over I also picked up a Vokey SM9. Life is good!

  6. Thanks for this video, this is exactly what I needed! These “old” clubs were cutting edge just a few years ago and they clearly still rock!

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